9 Easy and Affordable Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Novel

9 Easy and Affordable Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Novel

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For most authors, learning how to promote your novel as affordable as possible is incredibly hard and time-consuming in self-publishing.

As a matter of fact, marketing your book doesn’t necessarily have to take that much time and money a day. So let’s recap the easy and affordable marketing strategies to help you on your journey as a writer, as any action you take to promote your book is undeniably high value.


Book Marketing To Promote Your Novel

Here is everything you need to know about marketing a novel.


Is book marketing necessary?

9 Easy and Affordable Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Novel

Writing and publishing your novel would be considered the easier part. The hard part would be to get exposure to your novel. There are more than 4,000 books published in a single day. That means that your book will be like a speck of sand in a whole desert. 

You absolutely can’t wait for the people to come to you. Though people search on Amazon and browse through their local bookstores, getting your book found that way is only through pure dumb luck. You must be intentional when promoting your book to your targeted audience. This part is where it’s required strategy and ongoing effort.


Marketing strategies.

Well, without further ado, here are nice and easy marketing strategies to promote your novel.


Create an Eye-catching Cover

One of the hardest parts for authors is to, as people call it, “put on their reader’s hat” while thinking about and reviewing their own book.

A book is a tremendous investment of money and time, which are incredibly precious. But the tough unchangeable reality is that readers just don’t care about that.

Think back on the last book you bought. Did you buy it to reward that author for writing that work? No, of course. You had bought it because of what you were expecting to get out of that purchase,

The right and engaging cover design are what helps set that expectation for the said reader.


Write a Powerful and Great Description

The description of your book would be the best and perfect opportunity to tell all your potential readers why they absolutely must read your book.

Now, this might sound counterintuitive however the actual point of a book’s description is not really to describe the book, but it’s actually to show the potential readers what reading your book will be able to do for them. This is such an important point, but not many pay it much attention.


Gather a few Blurbs for Your Book

Book blurbs are quotes about you or your novel from those your target audience already trusts.

This point is extremely critical. Preferably, you have aimed your novel at a specific audience you want.

Your book blurb needs to come from those your chosen target knows and trusts, as it will help better.

If you want great blurbs that help make a difference, then you can also try and go to those that professionally write blurbs for people.


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Create an Author Central Page

Make sure to do this step as soon as your novel is listed on Amazon.

A central author page allows you much better control over your amazon book list page, author picture, author bio, and more.

This also allows the readers a way to follow straight on amazon.

This is an extensively useful tool for marketing, and you can read more about it which will only benefit you.


Add the Book to Your Email Footer

One of the most powerful things an author can do to promote their book is one of the simplest.

The answer is to Add it to your email signature.

The time when it’s recommended to do this would be around your time of launch, as initial sales are a lot more important than pre-orders.


Contact Other Media, Bloggers & Influencers

There can be no better way to get your book successfully out in the open than to get the right people talking about it.

They don’t exactly have to be that famous; they just have to be well-known enough to your target audience.

Some free marketing courses even offer several spreadsheets and templates that make it easier for you to decide what media outlets would be the right ones for your work.

If bloggers and influencers are the best matches for you, then don’t worry, as there are multiple things that you have covered there.


Write Guest Posts and Articles

Another good and effective way to connect to those media influencers and other bloggers would be to offer them to write articles and/or guest posts for some of their sites.

Unlike old-school print publishing, virtual outlets have unlimited amounts of overall space for sharing good content.

If your article is interesting to their readers, they will undoubtedly be interested in you.

Now, if you aren’t sure how to go about this, then multiple works explain exactly how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.


Go on Podcasts

Podcasts are more often than not more interesting, as people say, “evergreen” content than traditional news outlets such as newspapers and or television.

Though a television morning show is commonly a lot more interested in what is happening today, most podcasts are much more interested in the general information that their listeners will most often find incredibly useful.

This is exactly why book authors are just so compelling to hosts of podcasts. They normally have something to tell that will undoubtedly last beyond the media cycle. Something that truly matters to the people. So if podcasts are a good fit for your book, don’t hesitate to reflect upon them.


Use Book Promotion Sites

Lastly, if you are looking to boost book sales at a specific time or perhaps for a specific goal, then there are many good tops paid and free ebook promotion sites that lead to great results and would do you good doubtlessly. 

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Easy And Affordable Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Novel

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