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The Queen Of Nothing

The Queen Of Nothing Review

The Queen Of Nothing starts with Jude in exile and her twin sister came to get her help since she had killed her husband Locke and if they questioned her, she would not be able to lie so she wants Jude to go. Instead which Jude considers and eventually accepts

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The Wicked King

The Wicked King: The Folk of The Air Review

The Wicked King starts with Jude, who is trying to fulfill all her seneschal duties and the duties of the court of shadows, but it is exceptionally hard for her since the high king Cardan now hates her for tricking him. Jude finds out that the queen of the undersea

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The Cruel Prince
Holly Black

The Cruel Prince Review

The Cruel Prince is in the point of view of Jude, who is an average human taken to the secret world of Faerie by her mother’s first husband, who killed her and their father then took away Jude, her twin, and their big sister to the Faerie world which is

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