How to Write a Graphic Novel in 7 Action-Packed Steps

How to Write a Graphic Novel

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To young authors, you might be wondering how to write a Graphic novel.

All ages nowadays are into graphic novels which are more commonly known as comics to people.

These graphic novels capture the heart of readers with their colorful or sometimes black and pictures and a lot of people are fans of them.

Now you might be wondering how exactly to make one, well here are seven action-packed on how to write a Graphic Novel. 


How to Write a Graphic Novel

Here 7 ways on how to write a graphic novel.

Step 1: Decide the Type of Story You Want

The first thing you should always do is decide the type of story you truly want. If you have decided to write a graphic novel then you probably already have something in mind.

However, it is always better to research your novel a little on what your chosen age group is into these days as well as read a few graphic novels along the way for information and that is always a treat.

You should try to make your story a bit different so that it isn’t exactly like all the other graphic novels that basically have the same plot. You should try to have a story that should be enjoyed by your chosen age group as well as something that makes your story unique.

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Step 2: Settle on the Type of Style You Want

One thing that is absolutely necessary for every graphic novel is the art, so it’s important for you to decide the type of style you want early on.

You should carefully think about the type of style you want and also keep your story in mind while deciding since your story is going to be told using the art style and have an illustrator that is up for the job.


Step 3: Get Your Rough Sketch

With a story structure in mind and an illustrator on call, You should start on the rough sketch of your story. Seemingly putting your imagination on paper can be quite hard but hang in there since it’s just a rough sketch.

You don’t need to make it so detailed and put in a lot of hard work but it needs to be enough to make a decent base so it is understandable.

The roughness of the sketch can depend on you since this sketch is only so that the story you imagined can be put on the paper the way you want it to look.


Step 4: Write Your Dialogues as You Want Them

Although the pictures are what make graphic novels truly different from the rest, without the dialogues people won’t be able to really understand the characters and what is going on since there wouldn’t be something to take the readers carefully through the pictures.

Your dialogues should be able to make people understand while also being expressive of the story so you should also give a great deal of attention to your dialogues as well.

As every novel is unique to its story, for some graphic novels the dialogues might even be more important than the art.

Therefore you should take dialogues as a proper part while also making them different from the rest since if the pictures are expressing your story, the dialogues are telling them.


Step 5: Hone Your First Draft

When you’re done with your first draft, it will probably look quite messy and not so likely that your illustrator will understand it but it still is just a first draft that was meant to give your imagination a beginning.

So, now that that’s done you should focus on making it cleaner and more understandable since it would be hard for your chosen illustrator to make your idea out if the sketch is too rough.

Honing your first draft is an important step that is used for every novel and it can lead to problems if forgotten.


Step 6: Finalize Your Visuals

After your draft is honed down you should give your attention to making it better for the eyes and focus on details such as what you want the readers to see or what you want to keep hidden, this step might be one of the most difficult yet still an important one since your rapidly gonna reach the final product so you should start giving your time to details and visuals including how you want people to see your graphic novel.


Step 7: Format Your Manuscript for an Illustration

You spent months on your graphic novel and now it’s finally time to send your manuscript to get illustrated.

After you’re done with your manuscript the final step is to send it to your chosen illustrator for it to get illustrated and see the final product of your hard work.

When you get it you should send your final product to get published.

If it doesn’t do well then it’s okay since you should be prepared for failure but you should also get some marketing done.

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