Paper Towns

Paper Towns Review

The book begins by showing the past where two of our main characters Quentin and Margo is just nine years old, though they drift apart slowly by slowly until they haven’t even interacted with each other in years despite their houses being next to each other. 

Quentin Jackson has spent almost an entire lifetime being in love with Margo Roth Spiegelman, so when one night there is a knock on his window and she climbs back in his life with an ingenious plan of revenge, he follows along. After their all-nighter official ends along with the setting moon, Quentin discovers Margo has gone missing and becomes a complete mystery for their high school. Quentin however, quickly learns that there are several clues placed and that they are for him. As the more he goes into this mystery, the more he learns about the person he thought he knew before. 

This book was written quite nicely and there is also a movie on it, but I had actually found some parts of it weird.

One thing I didn’t like was how Margo was and how it ended like Quentin had gone through the trouble to solve all those vague clues and also miss out on important life stones for someone who had suddenly just disappeared without saying bye. 

The book however was a really good chance of pace and a rather interesting and different book from the others, I had also really rather liked the road trip that they had gone on and the main characters bonding on that trip.




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