The Invasion Of The Tearling

The Invasion Of Tearling Review

The Invasion Of Tearling is the second part in The Queen Of Tearling series.


The Tearling Queen is Kelsea Glynn. Despite being young, she has already established herself as a strong, fair, and just queen.


Power has a double edge, though, and even seemingly insignificant actions can have serious repercussions. Kelsea has stepped on the toes of the Red Queen, a cruel ruler whose power is based on black magic and the loss of life, by attempting to do what is right and put an end to a horrible trade in human beings. Nothing seems to be able to stop the Red Queen’s soldiers from invading the Tearling at this point.


Kelsea, however, finds herself relying on a strange and potentially dangerous ally as the Mort army approaches: a woman named Lily who is fighting for her life in a society where being a woman can feel like a crime. Lily is a woman named Kelsea who has a mysterious connection to a time before the Crossing. Lily and her tale might determine the fate of the Tearling, as well as Kelsea’s own soul, but Kelsea might not have enough time to find out.


This stunning new book of enchantment and adventure, set in the alluring world of the Tearling, features Erika Johansen’s fearless and captivating teenage heroine once more, as well as bringing back some of our favourites and introducing new ones.



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