Day: August 9, 2023

Ascend: A Trylle Novel

Ascend by Amanda Hocking Review

Ascend is the third and last part of the Trylle series. Wendy Everly stands on the precipice of an unthinkable dilemma, a choice that could shape the fate of the Trylle in ways she could never have foreseen. The very survival of her people hinges on a decision that demands

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Ascend: A Trylle Novel

Ascend by Amanda Hocking Summary

*The article contains spoilers from the book: Ascend by Amanda Hocking Wendy Everly’s life took a bewildering turn when she discovered she was not quite what she seemed. A changeling, an unsuspecting troll infant swapped at birth, Wendy’s existence took a dramatic twist when she was brought to Förening, the

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