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Ascend by Amanda Hocking Summary

*The article contains spoilers from the book: Ascend by Amanda Hocking

Wendy Everly’s life took a bewildering turn when she discovered she was not quite what she seemed. A changeling, an unsuspecting troll infant swapped at birth, Wendy’s existence took a dramatic twist when she was brought to Förening, the heart of the enigmatic Trylle society. In this captivating tale that unfolds in the third book of the Trylle Trilogy, “Ascend,” Wendy’s journey is one of self-discovery, duty, and unanticipated sacrifices.

As the shadows of the Vittra loom ever closer, threatening the very fabric of Trylle’s existence, Wendy finds herself thrust into an unforeseen role – that of a Princess, the heir to a legacy she never imagined. The once-peaceful world she knew is now marred by impending danger and a series of unsettling deaths within the Trylle community, casting an ominous cloud over Förening.

The challenges that beset Wendy are not solely external. Bound by duty and tradition, Wendy faces an unexpected dilemma as she contemplates an arranged marriage at the tender age of eighteen. The weight of her responsibilities compels her to unite with a man she does not love, a choice that strikes at the core of her desires and aspirations. Tove, the chosen groom, becomes a nexus of conflicting emotions, as Wendy grapples with the chasm between loyalty to her heritage and the longings of her heart.

With the looming spectre of all-out war on the horizon, Wendy is left with a harrowing countdown – mere days to safeguard her beloved friends and kin from the impending chaos. Yet, as she takes on the mantle of leadership, the allure of deeper emotions leads her down an intricate path of self-discovery, unravelling the intricate tapestry of her existence.

In the midst of this tumult, an unexpected twist emerges: Oren, the formidable King of the Vittra, reveals a shocking revelation. He claims a connection to Wendy that is both perplexing and heart-wrenching – the bond of a father to his daughter. This revelation catapults the narrative into a heart-pounding crescendo, as Wendy’s worlds collide and loyalties are tested.

The precipice of sacrifice looms before Wendy, an agonizing crossroads where the choices she makes could determine the fate of those she holds dear. In a gut-wrenching decision, Wendy must reconcile her identity, her desires, and her duty, making choices that could shatter her heart and irrevocably alter the course of Trylle history.



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