A Heart So Fierce And Broken

A Heart So Fierce And Broken Review

A Heart So Fierce And Broken continues the story from the point of view of Grey, who found out that he was the missing heir of ember fall and supposedly had magic, but he had gotten into hiding since prince Rhen was finding the heir to kill him.

From a mistake, he was caught by the new general and was taken to the castle, where he was allowed a day to rethink what he wanted to do and tell Rhen about the identity of the missing heir.

Before that, queen Karis Luran was moving towards the castle with her two daughters to negotiate an alliance between ember fall and syhl shallow, but because of her ruthlessness, she is denied, so Karis Luran promises to come back with an army and get the kingdom by force and war.

Lia Mara, who is the older one of the two daughters, takes matters into her own hands and goes back to the castle to change Rhen’s mind since she prefers peace but has gotten captured and locked in a room and she was watching when Grey was brought.

After a day Rhen had resorted to force to get the information but Grey escaped with his friend Tycho and Harper’s brother Jake and Noah also accompanied them.

After deciding the ember fall is no longer safe, they go towards syhl shallow with Lia Mara, and along the way, they meet Lisak, who is a magical creature Scraver, and he tags along.

When arriving at syhl shallow, they witness Karis Luran’s cruelty, and Lisak gets taken since there was a treaty that Scraver can’t cross syhl shallow.

The kingdom treats them all nicely since Grey is the rightful heir and Karis Lauren still wants to win his favor.

Grey gets Lisak back but Lia Mara is then locked away in her room for going to the Rhens castle without permission.

On the day they were to go into battle to get back Grey’s throne, Karis Lurans wanted Grey to prove his loyalty, so she asked him to kill a traitor, and that is Lia Mara.

Grey doesn’t kill her, but Karis Lurans army takes hold of his friends, so Grey uses magic to save them while Lia Mara kills her mother, naming her the queen.

This book was the sequel to A Curse so Dark and Lonely, and it follows the same timeline while the main characters are changed. It also explains some of the things that were left unanswered in the first book while it also had a cliffhanger in the end, but altogether, the death of Karis Luran was well deserved, and I did find Pisak’s character fascinating.

Nolla Verin, the younger sister, also did the right thing and sided with her sister.



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