The Queen Of Nothing

The Queen Of Nothing Review

The Queen Of Nothing starts with Jude Duarte in exile and her twin sister came to get her help since she had killed her husband Locke and if they questioned her, she would not be able to lie so she wants Jude to go.

Instead which Jude considers and eventually accepts so she goes back to the kingdom of elfhame pretending to be her twin but she gets kidnapped by her foster father who believes he’s saving her despite knowing that he actually took Jude but she pretends otherwise.

After quite some time, she gets a rescue but she insisted to free the ghost first who was being controlled by her father but that doesn’t go as planned since her father Madoc had just discovered that it was Jude here all along and that if she returned to the castle, she would tell them all their plans so they duel and Jude gets a grave injury.

Madoc leaves her to bleed to death but her sisters find her and she gets healed by the land since she is the rightful queen of elfhame. Jude goes back to the palace to warn the high king Cardan since she thinks that Madoc sent the ghost after him but it turned out to be a trap to her demise but luckily Cardan announces of her being queen.

The next few months are mostly spent in the war room making plans on the war that Madoc wants to start with the help of the information that Jude provides.

On the day of Madoc arrival, he is surprised to find Jude alive and most of all, everything that he thought of Cardan turned out to be wrong, and when he tried to get people on his side, Cardan won them back when he says that the king is not his crown and breaks it, but it had a curse on it, and he turns into a giant snake which now leaves Jude in charge so she struggles to keep everything alright and in the end, she manages to get Cardan back.

This book was the last of the folk of the air series, and it did put a satisfying end for most people. And in my opinion, this book had plenty of girl power while the men were pushed slightly in the back lines, and it also had renowned some of the characters, so it was also quite well balanced in that sort of stuff.

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