Best Stephen King Books That You Won’t Regret Reading

Best Stephen King Books That You Won't Regret Reading

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Best Stephen King Books That You Won’t Regret Reading

Stephen King is known as the most legendary writer for horror since his first book back in 1974, King is adored by many readers and some authors. Though King is most famous for his horrors his other books are non to laugh at like supernatural thrillers, and suspenseful crime, most of his books have been adapted into a movie or a tv-show and have sold over 350 million collective copies.

So we bring you some of the best Stephen King books that you will differentially not regret reading


1. The Stand

The Stand


The Stand’s original draft was so long that the ones handling the printing were literally unable to handle it, forcing Stephen King to cut out a large portion of the book and make it shorter. The Stand is about a super-virus called Captain Trips that quickly wipes out 99 percent of humanity. The remaining 1 percent of survivors come together in two different caps and wage the ultimate war of good against evil. The book is crazily ambitious, but King was able to execute it flawlessly. The uncut version of the book later came out in 1990, and in 1994 ABC turned it into a miniseries.


2. It



King’s 1986 novel It has caused many people and more children to fear clowns than perhaps any movie, book, or TV show in history and has made another phobia coulrophobia. It is an epic story, still living after three decades of it being written, it follows a group of couple friends that have to battle a demented clown named Pennywise who lives in the town’s sewers and eats children. They battle hard and think they beat him in 1950, but after a short 30 years, he is back so they reunite once again for a final battle against Pennywise. It is one of King’s longest books at 1,142 pages but people find it reading it in a couple of days.


3. The Shining

The Shining


It is hardly surprising that shining is Stephen King’s best-selling book but it’s also his first: “The Shining,” a classic horror novel is written in 1977, spurred a cult favorite movie and a sequel. Shining is a deeply suspenseful paranormal story about a man named Jack Torrance, who starts his new job as a caretaker at the Overlook Hotel, hoping that he can start spending more time with his family and also have time to focus on his book. Everything seems normal at first but during the off-season, a chilling winter storm hits the hotel — bringing sinister forces with it. The Shining is a classic which has been scaring many of its readers for decades. 


4. Misery



Misery follows Paul Sheldon who after celebrating the release of a new novel, gets in a car accident in the very Rocky Mountains and is rescued by a crazy fan named Anne Wilkes who calls her his #1 fan. While nursing Paul back to health after he shattered both his legs, Anne compels him to write a new novel, because he is furious that he killed off her favorite character. Fueled by obsession, Anne keeps Paul captive in a story of torture, psychological manipulation, and addiction. This is a gory and gruesome horror novel with a multi-dimensional villain, an intense and graphic tale of the struggle between prisoner and captor.


5. 11/22/63


11/22/63 is a time travel adventure novel that tells the story of a high school English teacher named Jake Epping, who is introduced to a portal to 1958 by a shady person. But he sets out on a mission to stop the JFK assassination. As soon as he reaches he adopts a new identity, tests the rules of time travel, and tries to discover what might change in the future if he changes the past. With barely any horror in this novel, King fans get to experience a thrilling historical fiction story, one where the fascinating “what ifs” of history are explored through time travel.


6. The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger


This is the very first installment of Stephen King’s huge;y popular series “The Dark Tower,” which has eight books and a short story. The protagonist Roland of Gilead is The Last Gunslinger — the very final hero in a knightly order. With a mix of many genres of dark fantasy, horror, and western themes. The book follows Roland as he sets off on his adventure for the Dark Tower which holds all of existence together. On his hard journey, he pursues his arch-nemesis, develops a friendship, and finally meets a mysterious woman. An added excitement for regular King readers is the tie-ins to other novels: references and Easter eggs that expand and intertwine King’s multiverse.


7. The Green Mile


The Green Mile is a book that at the time was released one volume at a time in 1996, with every one of the installments landing on the “New York Times” Best-Seller List. Now the book is compiled into a single work, follows Paul Edgecombe, who is a prison guard at Cold Mountain Penitentiary where many convicted killers are waiting to walk “ The Green Mile” to the electric chair of death. Though Pual has seen many prisoners die, John Coffey is like no other. John is a strange inmate though having a mind of a child he is convicted of a depraved crime. This is a thought-provoking and emotional novel, an iconic and believable story that mixes in shocking elements consistent with King’s horror style.


8. Salem’s Lot

Salem's Lot


Salem’s Lot is Stephen King’s second-ever published novel, the book follows the story of a writer named Ben Mears who returns to his childhood town of Jerusalem’s Lot (nicknamed ‘Salem’s Lot) to confront the evil he once escaped. This unique vampire story is packed with more horror than most of King’s other works and is inspired by classic vampire tales and films. King writes incredible small-town horrors and this one is no different, featuring a wonderful, quaint town with secrets of abuse, violence, and murder not far beneath the surface. This story is suspenseful and foreboding, a vampire horror for any reader who’s ready to be scared.


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Best Stephen King Books To Read

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