Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix Review

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix has action, fun details and heartbreaking scenes.

J.K Rowling truly is quite gifted in writing and explaining each and every character individually.
Harry gets taken to the headquarters of the order of Phoenix where he meets his godfather then he, aeon and Hermione go back to find that this year’s defence against the dark arts teacher is the despicable Dolores Umbridge who was placed in their school by the minister of magic.

She doesn’t teach them any spells and that’s when Harry and his friends decide to take things in their hands and create the secret society D.A (Dumbledore’s Army), it insists on multiple students who learn defensive spells by harry in a secret place they found.

Harry then gets a vision of his godfather Sirius black being tortured in the ministry of the magic worker so he goes with Ron, Hermione and Ginny who is Ron’s little sister, Neville their friend and Luna Lovegood a friend and a fourth-year in their school.

They go there just to find that it was a setup and they just wanted Harry to get an item that only he could touch for the dark lord which causes a fight and results in death.
The book is altogether good though it starts quite slow in the beginning and I personally think that the funny/weird character of Luna Lovegood is quite amusing to read.



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