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Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix Summary

*The article contains spoilers from the book: Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.


Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix is the fifth part of the famous seven-part series.
It starts with Harry as his aunt, uncle and cousin are. Still, he feels very lonely since, throughout the whole summer vacation, he got no news of the wizarding world which is worrying since last year he saw the dark lord return from his own eyes and even his godfather says nothing to harry about it in his letters but his aren’t nearly as empty as his best friends Ron and Hermione’s letters.

One day Harry was sitting at a park, and his cousin Dudley came to mess with him, but suddenly the sky turned dark, and two dementors attacked him and his cousin, so Harry used the Patronus charm to chase them away.

When he reached their home with Dudley, Harry got a letter from the ministry of magic saying that Harry used magic when he was underage, so he would get expelled, but Harry’s headmaster made it so that he gets a hearing.

Harry then gets escorted by some friendly wizards he didn’t know, but among them was his third year defense against the dark arts teacher, professor lupin, and the fourth year teacher professor moody but of course, in the fourth year, someone was just pretending to be mad-eye moody so harry doesn’t actually know him.

They take to a house that was hidden in plain sight and inside he meets Mr. and Mrs. Weasly and their entire family, more wizards some he knew, some he didn’t and lastly his godfather Sirius black along with his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Harry finds out that this place is Sirius’s old house and that they are using it as a headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix, which is a secret society founded by Albus dumbledore.
They all finally tell him all that is going on in the wizarding world.

The minister of magic used his influence on the wizarding world and the daily prophet to make it seem that Harry was a liar and shaming anyone else trying to say that the dark lord has returned, including Hogwarts headmaster Albus dumbledore. Still, all the members of the order of Phoenix are recruited by Dumbledore from various places, some of them in the ministry of magic itself. All of them believe Harry and Dumbledore and are trying to stop the dark lords’ rise to power.

They all leaked to Harry that the dark lord is trying to get something that he didn’t have before, but they were excused before finding out more.

Then it was finally time to go to Hogwarts, and on the way there, he met the strange Ravenclaw fourth year, Luna Lovegood, who Ginny knew since she was also a fourth-year who was the daughter of the writer of the quiver.

When they arrived at Hogwarts, they learned that the new defense against the dark arts teacher is a ministry of magic worker with the name of Dolores Umbridge, who the minister of magic sent. During the first day, everyone realized that she had no clue how things worked around here.

As the year started, everyone learned to hate her since she wasn’t teaching them anything, just making them do a pointless reading which Harry, Ron and Hermione realized that it was because minister Cornelius fudge thought that Dumbledore was trying to create an army to move against him which was ridiculous and slowly the minister used his power again to interfere with Hogwarts and made her Hogwarts’s very first high inquisitor and slowly she started taking control and making decree after decree to mess with the students.

After being fed up with her, harry, Ron. Still, they attack Still, unluckily, and Hermione decides to take things into her own hands, and they make a secret society within their school called Dumbledore’s army since that’s what the ministry is afraid of or D.A for short.
It was a group of students from different houses learning to do defense spells and Harry was the leader/teacher.

One night Harry got a dream right before the Christmas vacation, and Harry was shocked to see that Ron’s father, Mr. Weasly, got attacked by a snake while he was working. He immediately told it to Dumbledore, who excused Harry and the Weasley children Early and sent them to wait with Sirius in the headquarters so when Mr. Weasly’s health is finally stable, they all spend Christmas with Sirius at his house.

The accident could have been worse if Harry hadn’t seen the attack and warned dumbledore or it would have been too late when people found out.

They go back to school where Hermione arranged an interview where Harry can tell the truth, and it will be published in the quiver with Luna’s dad’s help since she is also one of the main in the D.A.

Umbridge finds out, so she bans the quibbler using one of her decrees, but that fails since it only makes the students more curious and Harry got more people who believe in him.
In the next D.A lesson dobby, the house-elf comes and warns harry and the other students that
one of the members had snitched on them so they all ran.

Unluckily Harry gets caught, and they take him to the headmaster’s office where there was the headmaster, their transfiguration teacher, Umbridge and the minister of magic along with two more ministry people but Harry recognized one of them as the member of the order of Phoenix, Kingsley shackle bolt who was also one of Harry’s escort when taking him to headquarters.

Umbridge then called the D.A traitor, but as soon as she came into the room, Kingsley cast a forgetfulness charm, so she can’t tell any more than she had and get harry into more trouble, but they had found a paper with the names of all the members and the full name of the group.
Dumbledore sacrificed himself, saying that he had arranged everything, then tricked everyone and disappeared.

Soon after, all of the students learned that dumbledore was gone, but somehow they even found out that he had tricked the minister of magic, two ministry Aurors and the high inquisitor with no fight at all, but the fact remained that their school officially wrong no headteacher for the time being.

The following day Umbridge had become the new headmaster with the unjust help of the minister of magic, and the school had become a torture zone for the students. She even had a night attack arranged on Hagrid since he was half-giant, but their transfiguration teacher got caught up in it.

During exams, Harry got another vision of Sirius being tortured by a death eater (Voldemort’s followers) somewhere in a room of the ministry of magic, so Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide to make sure via the help of floo powder. However, the only fireplace in the school with no surveillance was in the headmistress, Dolores Umbridge’s room.

They also get the help of Ginny and Luna, looking out to harry his invisibility cloak with Ron and Hermione and check inside Sirius’s house/the headquarters where he sees the house-elf Kreacher and Kreacher lying saying that Sirius is in the ministry of magic.

Still, at that moment, everyone is caught by Umbridge and her despised inquisitorial squad, including Harry who is surprised to see Neville’s Longbottom, who is also one of the D.A.

Umbridge questions them on who they were talking to, and when she finally gives the threat of torture, Hermine lies, saying that they were trying to contact dumbledore because the weapon is completed, and she says that she could take Umbridge to where it is, so Hermione leads Umbridge towards the forbidden forest.

Along with Harry, who had no idea what was going on.

But there, Umbridge gets taken away by centaurs since she insults them. Then not short after, Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Neville also meet up with them in the forest. When Harry explains the situation, they take flying horses that Hagrid had introduced to them this year and go towards the ministry of magic, and since the evening, they were reasonably sure that no one would be there.

They get in, and the five of them go towards the area that Harry had dreamed of, and on their way, they passed weird obstacles that surprised them.

Still, they finally reach the room that Harry saw Sirius in. Still, they are shocked to find that there’s nothing there; instead, there was a small glass orb with Harry’s name written on it. When he picks it up, many death eaters arrive and say that they want the orb.

Still, Harry’s Harry’s priority now was to get the others to safety though as they’re running, they get separated and finally rejoice I’m one of the estranged rooms they crossed. Still, before they could get all the doors locked, the death eaters all surrounded them, and just when all seemed lost Sirius black, and a bunch of other members of the Order of Phoenix came to their rescue.

It becomes a furies fight amongst them, and during that, they drop the mysterious orb that the death eaters wanted.

Sirius black gets killed by Bellatrix Lestrange, the dark lords’ most devoted follower, and Harry runs after her in anger, but just then, the dark lord finds out about the broken orb and comes himself, and Dumbledore also appears to deal with him.

The battle starts, then Bellatrix and Voldemort escape, but just after, the minister and lots of other ministry members see him with their own eyes, and Dumbledore explains everything.
Dumbledore comes back to Hogwarts, and the minister takes Umbridge back; he also learns that Sirius Black was innocent after all.



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