How To Find Blog Ideas: In 9 Great Steps

How To Find Blog Ideas

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Many new or veteran bloggers often run out of ideas to write about and it’s not uncommon for everyone to face this wall and can be quite hard to overcome if not dedicated. There are many ways out on the internet how to find blog ideas but most of the time they turn out to be fruitless. So we bring you the best blog ideas that will make you overcome your wall.


1. Figure out what your readers want

How To Find Blog Ideas

If you aren’t having ideas to write about, look into your readers. Find out what are the problems your readers are struggling with? What topics are they most interested in getting help with?

And considering you have a certain niche you should be good and ready to go ahead and write. For instance, if you have a traveling blog, and many of your readers are looking for a cheap hotel in Texas, you should be able to help them and will have content for your blog.


2. Which are your most read posts on the blog?

Now that you have solved many of your readers’ problems that there aren’t any more who need it. You can recreate your most famous post a bit differently. Like the cheap hotels in Texas, you can recreate it into a similar but different topic: cheap hotels in California, or cheap hotels in Florida.


3. Identifying Your Core Blog Topics

Properly identifying your blog’s core topics will allow you to get a bird’s eye view of your future editorial plan.

The idea is to identify about 5-15 core topics for your blog, and then expand on them using different data sources.

What is Topic Clustering?

Topic clustering is an SEO tactic that focuses on topics (as opposed to keywords) that:

  • May Improve your website architecture;
  • Make it easier for Google to discover related content
  • Boost your search engine visibility.


4. Check out Quora/ Reddit

How To Find Blog Ideas

Quora is an easy way to get ideas for your blog. It’s as simple as going to the website, use its search bar to find topics per your niche. Go through the questions and pick ones that best fit your interest.

You can even enter and read each answer. Not only will you get more ideas, but you will also learn many things.

You can make quite a bit of content through this way, the more you write about the topics from quora, slowly but surely there will be more topics coming in from people that you can write about as well.

Reddit is the same as quora, if not more famous, you can cycle through these sites if one or the other runs out of topics to write about, but relying on it too much shouldn’t be too good.

Having natural ideas and listening to your readers every now and then would help the blog grow better.


5. Trends

How To Find Blog Ideas

Just blindly writing about every trend would be incredibly bad for your blog and would not have a loyal audience.

But if you are able to find a trending topic that fits your niche, it can be pretty beneficial for your blog and would invite many people to come and read it.

It also depends on the quality and your speed of uploading, being a blogger can be competitive, for you to upload before your rival blog so you can get more views, but as they say quality or quantity.


6. Ask Your Visitors

Asking your new readers or visitors can help you find many new ideas. They might provide you with topics that they were hoping were on your blog but sadly aren’t. Asking visitors can slo be beneficial to the blog since they can give clear criticism and what makes other blogs better than yours.


7. eBooks

One of the pretty effective ways to find more ideas for your blog is eBooks, find one that fits your niche and read through it. It could help you understand your niche better and might give you many ideas to write about plus it helps your reading skill.

There are many books out there and you can get about 5 ideas per book depending on the size which can lead to you not getting stuck for ideas for many days.


8. Blog comments

How To Find Blog Ideas

I’m not talking about reading your comments but other blog comments that follow your niche.

For the longest time, I just used social media to find topics and subjects to write on.

Considering their niche is similar to yours there are chances that their target audience is similar as well. And reading their comment can help you as well. 

The process to find an idea:

Search for different blogs that follow the same niche as yours. You might already have some that you read or take inspiration from.

Then, read their blog posts that discuss a topic in your area of interest. 

Lastly, go through their comment section and write down the consistent queries people are talking about. Then choose the blog topics you haven’t covered before.

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9. Do the opposite

Any new topic or old are covered a thousand times by others which means people aren’t exactly looking for a new blog post on it.

But doing the opposite may catch the eye of others, for example, there are many blogs about the best food to eat while traveling, and maybe you can cover some foods that you shouldn’t eat while traveling.

You can use this method for mostly any blog post which once again can help you for quite a while.



These strategies work in just about every industry and niche.

Coming up with ideas is one of the hardest parts of content marketing. But it doesn’t mean to quit or just stop posting until you get an idea, consistency is important. 

Your readers and your target audience have lots of problems they need you to solve. They’re willing to give you their best ideas, but only if you know how to ask

If you want to create quality blog posts consistently it’s a good idea to rely on a system.

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