How to Quickly Win Readers’ Loyalty With Email Marketing

Email Marketing

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Email marketing has been here for so many years that it almost feels like forever, but that’s for a good reason as well. As it also happens to be the most direct and effective way to connect with your leads, turning them into plausible customers, while also indeed and consistently winning over all the other marketing channels.

According to a consulting study, over 25% of customers recognize email as their preferred channel for communication through marketing in some countries, specifically India. In addition, the growing awareness among the customers about privacy and security threats resulting in rapidly decreasing trust in social media advertising and outreach also makes marketing through email the best way to improve customer loyalty.

Here is a guide on how to win your readers’ loyalty through email marketing.

So buckle up fellas, this is going to be a long ride ahead!

Table of contents

– What is email marketing?

– The touch of personalization

– Commanding loyalty by offering true value

– Being mobile-friendly

– Become interesting

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the usage of emails within your marketing efforts to promote your business products and services and stimulate a sense of customer loyalty. Email marketing can also be quite effective in letting your customers know of any new products, discounts, or added services.

It can be a softer sell to educate your customers on the value of your brand and keep them engaged in between their purchases. It can also be anything in the between.

Email marketing is also a highly successful and effective digital marketing strategy for sending your business emails to specific prospects and customers. Practical and impactful marketing emails can turn prospects into customers and change one-time buyers to raving fans.

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The touch of personalization

One of the sheer importance of adopting your personalized approach in any circumstances just cannot be overstated.

Your methods can range over a wide spectrum of choices, including addressing your customers by their names in an onboarding email or looking through your customers’ previous purchases and interests to create personalized product recommendations.

The Forrester study has also confirmed the effectiveness and the benefits of providing your customers with an ideal personalized experience.

Commanding loyalty by offering true value

The absolute best way to win your customers’ loyalty through email marketing is to send emails that fit your customer accordingly. It also needs to add tangible value to your customers’ lives which then automatically improves their shopping experience.

However, few companies actually follow this strategy. In fact, 66% of people say that they get too many email offers and promotions, yet only 9% of those said that they are likely to sign up for email companies in the coming next twelve months.

To improve situations such as these and discourage people from starting thinking of the many emails as an annoyance and spam, it is important that you rightly convey only the important stuff in your emails instead of bombarding the customers with random, annoying, yet still useless marketing fluff.

Businesses can often also use specialized services with a lot of the required email marketing experience to fully use the data, resources, and technology.

Being mobile-friendly

Unless you serve a very specific niche audience, the odds of your audience viewing your emails on a mobile phone are much, much greater. Also, according to a Foresters study 68% of people often feel frustrated and annoyed when a website is not mobile-friendly, specifically busy 35 to 44-year-olds which are 76%, and or 18 to 24-year-old which are 73, these ages are most often than not the ones who get the most frustrated as they are also relatively impatient as well.

So if the content of your emails is not mobile-friendly or in a mobile version, then your website is in huge trouble as this is unmistakably a worrying problem.

Not only will your email marketing efforts and budget end up going entirely in vain, but your customers would also associate quite a certain amount of incompetence with your brand image.

Become Interesting

Email marketing is like a type of form of communication between a business and its customer.

Just like any other type of communication, marketing emails to be interesting if they want to inspire a type of loyalty in its customers and have it be kept in their memories. And that is why the foremost thing you need to concentrate on is the content of your emails.

You need to be emotive, be clear, be witty and you need to relate to your customers through your words. And if your business domain and niche allow it, it also wouldn’t hurt to make a good old joke now and then as everyone remembers funny jokes, and if it’s a good joke, then they even go to the trouble to share it with their family and friends.

A business email marketing plan to gain the loyalty of their customers can also be sentimental to connect better with the customers. The main last aim would be for you to craft your content so that it delivers your message in the most effective way possible.

To make your email marketing efforts stand out loud and clear in today’s saturated scenario, it’s essential that you get on the top of your marketing efforts and make use of them to improve your own customer loyalty and customer retention.

Solutions such as Epsilon’s Agility Harmony permit you to couple your business knowledge with state-of-the-art technology and analytic abilities to get your best-wanted results.

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