Instagram for Book Bloggers: Building a Platform & PROMOTING Your Blog

Instagram for Book Bloggers: Building a Platform & PROMOTING Your Blog

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When building a blog or a similar platform, one can’t just shy away from other, more trendy social media platforms.
With Instagram being the six-most visited website in the world, you get a chance to tap into 1 billion people worldwide.

But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The platform is packed with competition. So if you aren’t the boldest, unique, and audacious, you are no one.

I was able to get my Instagram account to 11.5K followers in just the first four months of launch. So here’s a complete guide on Instagram for book bloggers to help you skyrocket your blog engagement.


Why Bloggers and Writers Should Use Instagram

We know all the aspects of blogging are attached to your website. So why break a sweat by creating and managing an Instagram account that will do you no good?

If you think this, you aren’t alone.

Allow me to prove how wrong you are.

With many inspiring authors there as well, Instagram is a humongous platform that has been downloaded from all ages, so it’s extremely likely that your wanted age group would be there.

And not only would it get easier to spot your blog for a person from the others, but you would also be able to show some of the contents of your blog through posts and hopefully intrigue others as well.

The result? The juice will eventually flow all the way to your blog. And voila! You have really engaged readers in just a few days.

So if you’re looking for a social media platform that would work well for improving your reach, then Instagram is definitely your best bet to go!


How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram


Learn about your audience

The first step to creating a successful blog is to be able to understand your audience.

You need to learn precisely what they’re looking for and incorporate that with what you’re already doing. The best chances are that you have already got experience in this sort of thing, but if you haven’t, then this is what you need to start with to really begin your ultimate success.


Add Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent foul-proof way that can make you famous.

Hashtags would not only make your blog more visible but using especially famous ones would also bring plenty of traffic to your site.

So it would be wise to invest some of your time to learn hashtags and search up some generic and famous ones.

If you are unsure of how to choose the right hashtags, use the Inflact hashtag generating tool or All Hashtag Generator to strategize the hashtags.


Stories ads

Instagram stores are relatively small posts with pictures staying for about six-second seconds and videos that can be up to fifteen seconds.

As stories stay for 24 hours, they are excellent for marketing limited-time offers and on-the-moment deals, as they are also quick and easy to understand.


Set up your profile

Another step that you would need to do is to set up your profile on Instagram.

The first thing to decide is whether you want your account to be private or public, but if you want more people to come and promote your blog, you should obviously be public.

Then you select your display picture, which could be your logo.

If you don’t have one, then a headshot could do too, as it would allow your followers to know who you are and if you’re planning on writing books, then it will be a good choice, and as the profile picture is in a circle shape, you should choose a picture according.

A short bio is also essential.

You need to put extra effort into making your bio informative while also giving it character and personality. Although you get only four lines, your io should be strong enough for it to speak loud and clear.

The bio is also a place to add a clickable link, so don’t miss this opportunity to promote your blog.
Adding links to your profile can really help you gain more followers for your blog. As the option would be there as soon as someone opens your profile, and it would make it easier for people to check out your blog instantly.


Promote through influencers

Promoting through famous influencers remains one of the most used and most effective ways to promote your blog. But, with the help of Instagram, it takes it to a whole new level.

Instagram is an ocean of influencers, and it has also gained most of its followers due to the influencers it has and the ones it attracts.

Although if you want to promote your own platform, then make sure to choose the right influencer and do plenty of research on them, like what their style of nurturing is, If the people that they have worked with in the past are satisfied, and most of it’s not a scam.
Once you’re in touch with your chosen influencer, then you should be specific about how exactly they can help.

Figure out what the influencer can do that would help you the most, and use it.


Run a contest

Running a contest is bound to get your audience excited, and it would definitely encourage them to reach their friends.

Contents have a tendency to quickly go viral, mainly if they are run correctly.
Not only will contests fish in an enormous crowd, but those who win would also get excited and post on their account, therefore bringing more people.
Although those who don’t win might get a tendency to become toxic, so face them professionally.

Don’t only run on Instagram.
Although Instagram is a beautiful platform, you need to promote it on other media to become truly successful.

Most can often make the mistake of posting on only one channel, which gives you that many people and makes your brand look inconsistent.

So you should pay heed to other platforms and Instagram, which includes posting consistently and promoting on the others as well.


Instagram for Book Bloggers: So, What’s Next

When trying to promote your blog through Instagram, you should keep in mind and follow a bunch of things.

Understanding your audience is one thing that is irreplaceable on the list, and if you are unable to accomplish that, then chances of your success can come rocketing down.

Adding hashtags is a widespread step that everyone follows when trying to get more followers. As we all know, more followers mean more publicity and more of an audience to look through your blog.

Adding stories is a minor update that goes only for twenty-four hours, but it can make a significant change, as people can know about the newest updates and limited offers.

When people get interested, or a post catches their eye, they immediately go to your profile, so updating your profile is also an essential step, and with the added link, you can lead them straight to your blog.

Influencers are a big part of Instagram and as they have many followers, promoting through them is a great idea, especially if you choose wisely, as they also tend to be scams.

Another tip is running a contest, as contests tend to get a lot of hype, and they also gather up a relatively large audience but be aware of toxic people.

But, of course, to be truly successful, you need to promote on multiple platforms and go all in.

Good luck!

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