Losing Brave by Stefne Miller and Bailee Madison

Losing Brave by Stefne Miller and Bailee Madison Review

Dylan, Payton Brave’s twin sister, has been gone for almost a year. Payton’s memory has also faded.

Payton feels adrift as the one left behind in the aftermath of her sister’s disappearance. She falls from the graces of popularity to the edges of high school society, where she gathers a motley crew of friends and a troubled connection with her sister’s boyfriend, Cole.

Though Payton has no recollection of Dylan’s disappearance, she is forced to delve into her own thoughts when another missing girl’s body is discovered in a nearby lake, the victim’s looks strangely identical to Dylan’s. The deeper Payton delves into her memories, the more danger surrounds her. The mystery surrounding her sister’s disappearance deepens, and the reality becomes increasingly painful.

What she discovers could cost Payton her life.

Losing Brave is a book about family and relationships. It examines what it’s like to be twins and how it’s like to suddenly lose a part of yourself, it also does all this in a very unique and engaging manner which makes you want to read until the end no matter what you thought of the book.

Personally, I found this book entertaining to read even if the writing wasn’t quite what I prefer and the main character began to annoy me at some points. Even if I keep all that in mind, this book was an incredible mystery with the suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat with every twist and turn, and a mind-blowing plot twist at the end.




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