Misery by Stephen King

Misery by Stephen King Review

Misery, Stephen King‘s psychological horror novel, follows the narrative of Paul Sheldon, a best-selling American novelist of a series of nineteenth-century romantic novels featuring the protagonist Misery Chastain. Paul finds himself in a “position where he was not just writing for his meals but for his life” when his self-proclaimed “number-one fan,” a middle-aged former nurse called Annie Wilkes, saves him from a car accident in Colorado during a snowstorm. Annie’s fandom, on the other hand, proves to be a deadly obsession. Paul struggles for his life as Annie’s madness worsens, and Paul rushes to finish Misery’s Return, the novel Annie has forced him to write.

This story is a brutal and gruesome horror thriller with a multi-dimensional villain and an intense and graphic narrative of prisoner and captor conflict.

Not exactly for someone with a light stomach but definitely a read at least once-in-your-lifetime kind of book.



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