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Lost In The Never Woods Review

In Lost In The Never Woods, Wendy Darling had gone missing when she was thirteen years old along with her two younger brothers but after months, she was the only one who had returned with no memory of the past six months.
Five years passed and once again kids started going missing and the detectives suspect it has something to do with Wendy’s brother’s disappearance.

Wendy stumbles upon a certain boy who she thought was just a fairytale but he needs her help to find his shadow and save the kids from their fear.

This book is a darker version of the kid’s story Peter Pan and the story is very engaging and I personally found the character of little Alex very cute even though he had barely said anything and it is impressive how the writer could do that with some of the characters that were shown less but their personalities were quite clear.
The twist at the end was also a good one but I can’t say that it wasn’t expected.

Altogether I quite liked the book and the story was good, how it was an original without it swaying too far from the wonders of Peter Pan.

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