The Queen Of The Tearling

The Queen Of The Tearling Review

The Queen Of The Tearling lead character is Kelsea Raleigh who had turned nineteen and guards arrived at her foster parents’ home to take her to the castle to take her mothers throne.

On the way, the guards are ambushed and Kelsea and a guard named Lazarus had to get saved by another group led by the Fetch who helps them get to New London.

Kelsea’s uncle tries to kill her in order to get the throne but fails and Kelsea vanishes him and he and his men are killed by the Fetch.

Kelsea gets a vision of the wicked Red Queen taking innocent women and children as slaves for her kingdom so she asks Lazarus and her personal guard Pen to come with her where they ambush the carriages carrying the slaves and with the help of Kelsea’s magic necklaces, they win and are able to escape.

The Queen of Tearling was a book with quite an intricate plot.

The book was written from multiple points of view and there were also a lot of different back stories which were often interesting to read but also heartbreaking at points.

The book showed how Kelsea had slowly risen to be loved by her people as a fairly new ruler which had been very fun to read.

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