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New Moon: The Twilight Saga Review

Twilight Saga: New Moon starts with Bella on her birthday, where Edward and the Cullens had arranged an extravagant party for her, but nothing goes as planned.

Bella gets a paper cut, and it isn’t exactly a good thing to get a cut in a house full of vampires since she almost gets attacked. With that, Edward starts to think that it isn’t safe for them to be around and leaves. This sinks Bella into abject misery, isolation, and depression for a month.

Until she starts to hang out with her dad’s friend’s son Jacob who’s her only solace in the darkness, she starts to get a bit better, but after a while, it turns out that Jacob is a werewolf and that werewolves and vampires are natural enemies, so he doesn’t like the Cullens.

Bella then tries cliff diving and jumps from a cliff, but Alice, who can see the future, saw this and thought that Bella had killed herself, leading to a big misunderstanding that almost got Edward to kill himself.

This book is the second in the Twilight series, and it also shows us some of the stuff in the future and could be something to read when you’re bored. The was a bit slow, in my opinion. Considering the first novel, Edward was barely mentioned in the second part. However, this is something the author Stephanie Meyer intended to do as she kept romance for the first book and suspense for the second.




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