Major Benefits of Reading Books of Different Genres

benefits of reading books of different genres

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Let’s admit it, many of us have 2 or 3 genres that we love to stick to regardless of how many times we read the same novel over and over again.

Now, what’s the harm in that? 

Where your favorite genres are an excellent way to enjoy your quality time, you still leave LOTS of opportunities on the table by not reading books of different genres and diversifying your reading list. After all, reading is more than just a piece of writing that can keep you up at night. 

Think of it like adventure, where you grow with each book, each chapter, and each point of view. The more you are likely to stay outside your comfort zone, the more you will take a fresh look into your favorite genre. 

5 Benefits of Reading Books of Different Genres


1. Improves Memory

Tell me if you haven’t heard this already: “The more you read, the more you know,” and you surely need an excellent memory to accommodate that amount of knowledge. Learning about different characters, situations, and narrations exposes yourself to unprecedented information that will only help improve your memory. 

In fact, according to a study done by Northcentral University, reading topics and stories that aren’t related to your lifestyle have the potential to enhance memory in a way that no other method can. 

2. Improves Vocabulary

Sometimes it can quickly glean enough context to make sense of the sentence; other times, you may need to count on a dictionary for classification. It is not uncommon to find new words and narration every time you switch to a different genre. 

This will inevitably help to broaden your vocabulary skills and make you a better communicator. You might not notice this at. First, you see the power of this improved vocabulary once you start adding new words into your lexicon and change the way you view things.

These words aren’t just complicated ways to state something that can easily be conveyed in simple terms; they actually help you see situations and open up to emotions that you can only feel but not express. 

Let me give you an example. 

I recently stumbled across a word called Exulansis. In definition, it means to give up talking about yourself or experience only because others can’t relate to it. 

How many times have we been there? Luckily, now you know how you express it without fiddling around words. 

Thank me later!

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3. You get to Discover a Wide Array of Possibilities

When you only stick to your favorite genres, you limit your reading list to those particular books. But what if you find ‘The Book’ in genres that you never bothered considering? 

Sure, not all genres can be your cup of tea, and that’s okay. You don’t have to go big at first.

Start off by incorporating one different genre at a time, read a few books, and move on. This way, you could wind up enjoying a book as much as your preferred books. Where the same genres can have fairly predictable stories, you can enjoy thrilling plot twists and end only by picking up a different book next time. 

That’s not it; this way, you get to grow your reading list and thus increase the pace you read books at once. 

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4. Enhances writing skills

It is humanly impossible to write efficiently without having a crazy addiction to reading. For writing, it’s not just how much you read but what you read as well.

As a lover of literature, I’m sure you have high standards in not only crafting masterpieces and judging the writing pieces of others. 

Just because you have a technical writing style doesn’t mean you can make your writing stand out by including a few creative phrases that you picked up from fiction novels. 

As humans, it is common to find binders that make it unable for you to see beyond our knowledge. And where do we gain that knowledge from? Books. 

Thus, the vast topics and stories covered by your books, that more you are likely to expand your horizons and improve your storytelling skills to add more weight to your writing. 

5. Inspiration

If you are in a creative field or even starting out a new journey, it is never a bad idea to use the knowledge gained not only from the particular genre but categories subsequent to that as well.

For instance, reading fiction is highly important for lyricists. However, incorporating a few nonfiction books can help you be more informed about the issues around you that can help people connect better with your songs. 

Likewise, an entrepreneur starting a business will never be able to learn everything but only focusing on self-help books that will only fill you up with contradictory advice that will only confuse you down. Here, reading biographies and fiction books that are centred around the life you want to have can give you a rough idea of the struggles and help with personality development in the long run.  

Ways to Add Variety to Your Reading List

Now that you know the benefits of reading books of different genres, the real challenge is to adjust your reading list with your new diverse genres. 

The good news, I’ve done all the homework for you. Here’re how you can make sure to stick to reading books of different genres without making it a failed experiment. 



  • Read Reviews: book reviews can be an excellent way to ensure you don’t waste your time reading a book that was not worth it in the first place. This will give a wrong impression of that specific genre for you. Thus, before you dip your toes in something completely different, make sure you are aware of at least the fundamentals. 


  • Recommendation: Whether it is your friends or a list of books you got online, they can help set up a guideline for you to begin with the most popular and quality novels that can make reading books of different genres easier.


  • Switch between books: If the new genre is too hard to read, you can go easy on yourself and alternate day with books. If you are a romance reader getting into crime, switch between these two novels every time you get sick of reading one. 

All in all, do you have a specific genre in mind that you disregard? Go ahead and challenge yourself!

You may not realize how it can do wonders to your life until you actually pick up a book to actively read and appreciate it for being this different. 

Good luck!

Major Benefits Of Reading Books Of Different Genres

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