Siege and Storm

Siege and Storm Review

The Siege and Storm begins with the protagonist Alina and her childhood friend Mal on the run and want to leave the past behind but The Darkling ambushes them and captures the two of them.

The Darkling hopes to find the legendary sea whip to make another amplifier for Alina. As they find the creature, the owner of the ship they were on board, Sturmhond, betrays the Darkling and helps Alina and Mal escape.

Sturmhond soon reveals himself to be the king’s second son Nikolai, and Alina agrees to help defeat the Darkling.

The plan however goes awry as the Darkling launches a surprise attack on prince Nikolai’s birthday and Alina’s powers disappear in an attempt to help her friends.

Alina and Mal do escape however but the book is ended with The Darkling on the throne of Ravka.

This Siege and Storm book was the second part of The Shadow and Bone, and it took everything good about the first book and merged it into something entirely new and better.

Siege and Storm was mainly set on water, and this somehow gave this version its own charm.

This book really did not disappoint the fans.

I would definitely recommend this book to those who love fantasy and adventure.

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