Switched Book Review: Wendy Everly

Switched Book Review

On her sixth birthday Wendy, our protagonist, gets attacked by her mother and after that, she had started to think that perhaps she was different.

Eleven years passed and she met a person called Finn in school who tells her that she is a changeling who has the power of persuasion.

After saving her from an enemy Trylle band, Finn takes her to her real home, where she meets her real mother, Queen Elora who doesn’t like her for some reason.

Wendy meets all types of people and grows really close to Fonn until Queen Elora sends him away.

A ball is set in honor of Wendy where they get attacked by the enemy band. One of them comes towards Wendy but Finn comes in between almost losing his life in between but gets saved by a marquis.

In the end, Finn leaves again, and Wendy uses her powers of persuasion to go back home.

This book was a rollercoaster of feelings, and almost the whole time my mind had a certain thought going on, some good ones while others were full of criticism.

The book was overall good although Wendy could get annoying to read sometimes the character I thought was out of the line was the Queen.

Switched is also the first part of its series and this got me wondering what would happen next.




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