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Twilight: Breaking Dawn Summary

*The article contains spoilers from the book: Twilight: Breaking Dawn.


Twilight: Breaking Dawn starts with Bella getting ready for being married, and Alice and Rosalie help her.

Alice’s whole wedding was arranged as well as the list of guests, so everything is naturally too grand for Bella’s taste, but she was the one who let Alice do whatever she wanted.

Among the guests, there was the Denali coven of vampires who were the closest to the Cullens and the only other “vegetarian” coven instead of the Cullens as well as Seth, who is a young werewolf who became friends with Edward after they fought along with each other before and he was given an invitation.

Then Edward and Bella go on their honeymoon, where Bella soon realizes that she is pregnant, so they immediately go back to forks. Still, Bella, who didn’t want the baby killed, had called Rosalie to help her since she wasn’t going to be enough to convince them to stop.

Rosalie and Bella weren’t really all that close, but Bella had heard that the reason that Rosalie didn’t like being a vampire was that the chance to have a normal life was gone and she had absolutely adored having kids though vampires can’t have kids, so it is a first.

Since their arrival back at forks, Rosalie had not left Bella’s side even once, and she constantly helps her. Still, the rest of the people in the city think that Bella had gotten a terrible fever and that no one is supposed to come close. Still, no one else approved of it since it was slowly draining all of her energy, and Bella suddenly starts losing her appetite until she doesn’t eat at all. There was only one way leading from there, and that was death, but Rosalie and Bella believed otherwise.

Jacob, who is in the wolf pack, gets notified of it. All the werewolves think that the Cullens turn Bella into a vampire herself, which technically breaks their treaty since one of the rules was never to bite a human.

However, they decide to let it slide since it was Bella’s choice and she was the one who wanted to be a vampire in the first place. Still, Jacob is furious, and he runs towards the Cullens’ house to kill Edward. There he and his pack find out the truth as they can read each other’s minds when they are in their wolf forms. Then Sam, who was the pack leader, now says that they have to kill Bella since the child could be dangerous and cause a lot of deaths.

Jacob disagreed with the idea of killing Bella. He decides to accept his true bloodline as the alpha and breaks free of the pack leader Sam’s control, Jacob runs back to Cullen’s house to notify them about their plan to kill Bella, and later Seth also joins him since he too is quite fond of the Cullens.

Jacob and Seth eventually find out that they can no longer hear their mind and realize that the presence of two Alpha’s has made it possible for there to be two different packs.

Seth’s older sister Leah also joins their pack, claiming that she is worried about her brother but isn’t particularly happy that she has to help vampires for that.

The werewolves involved in the safekeeping of Bella had really helped, and they are also getting to see Bella’s condition with a different set of eyes which helped a lot when Jacob had been told about Bella’s appetite and how the child isn’t letting her eat anything so that’s when Edward read one of Jacob’s thoughts and they decided to try donated blood instead of normal since the kid is half-vampire and it worked better than expected.

The three wolves had grown accustomed to the Cullens though Leah still didn’t like them or Bella the other werewolves had not attacked since they had already lost three of their members and can’t afford to go in unprepared, so there still was plenty of time.

Bella had been getting a lot better after the drinking of blood.

They still believed that she could do it but to get more of an idea, the Cullens had started researching countless myths and legends, and they still couldn’t find one of the half breeds, and even if they could, there were no survivors though the Cullens did have a rough plan in mind.

The real problem began when they started running out of blood, and the Cullens decided to go and collect blood, but it was supposed to be some of them at a time.

But just when they had gone, Bella started to give birth, and without Carlisle, there was no doctor, so Edward did the delivery, which nearly killed Bella, but he ingested her heart with his venom in an attempt to save Bella.

Jacob, who thinks that Bella is dead, leaves and attempts to kill her newly born daughter Renesmee, who was playing Rosalie, but when he looks at her, he suddenly imprints what is like love at first sight, and from above, they can hear Bella’s heart suddenly pounding again.

It takes three days for Bella’s transformation, as it does for any vampire. When she wakes up, she is surprised to find all the Cullens next to her bed except Rosalie, who is downstairs with Bella’s daughter Renesmee, and it turns out that Alice had foreseen that Bella would wake up about now.

Newborn vampires are supposed to be vicious and have no control, but Bella was doing quite nicely but the first thing she wanted to see was her daughter.

However, that was not possible since Renesmee was part human. She had blood in her veins so Bella had to go hunt first, Bella was also surprised to find that her best friend Jacob was also still here and that bothered her since she couldn’t think of any reason that he would stay now since she had turned into a vampire and she would have thought that he wouldn’t want to see her as one.

While hunting, Bella comes across a human scent which she follows but when Edward tries to stop her since she went with him, the distraction is enough for Bella to come to her senses and she runs away as far as she can so she couldn’t smell it.

After the hunt, Bella sees Renesmee, but everyone is nervous except Edward and Alice, who seemed more worried about the dress that got ruined in the hunt.

Bella gets confused with the way that Jacob is becoming anxious, and when she finds out, she is not happy and finally attacks him when she is at the point of her anger, but Seth comes in between, getting hurt instead.

Werewolves have quick regeneration, so Seth was fixed up in seconds, and they also said that the fight with their old pack is over since Jacob had gone out to meet with sam and tell him about Renesmee and the one rule that no wolf must absolutely break is killing another wolf’s imprint so that problem was solved too.

The next few months had gone smoothly but there was one thing that was troubling them all and that was the fast rate at what she was growing since in a few months of time, Renesmee had become a toddler and she could also read and talk and Bella’s father charlie absolutely loved her since the night after Bella had woke up, Jacob had gone to tell charlie that they had adopted a kid but when he arrived, the features were too similar but he asked that no one tell him much about it and easily accepted even the immense change in her own features though he was angry at first.

It had turned out that Renesmee also got power and in some ways, it was opposite to Edward’s.

Edward’s power is that he can understand people’s minds but Renesmee can show other people her memory and thoughts, which is the way she preferred to communicate instead of speaking.

One day Renesmee was going hunting with Bella and Jacob, and Renesmee was playing around in the snow. Eventually, she jumped very high and caught a snowflake. Still, from the mountains, Irina, who was part of the Denali coven and Alice had predicted that she was going to come here someday to apologize for not coming to the wedding but with what Bella could see, she seemed visibly angry and Bella started to wonder if that is because of Bella being best friends with a werewolf, but then Irina disappears.

Bella had recalled everything she saw to the Cullens, but then Alice gets a vision where she sees the vulture, the most powerful vampire coven with many members and they are coming to the Cullens’ house.

Then everyone realizes that Irina was angry by seeing Renesmee since from that distance she must have looked like an immortal child and as every vampire knows that turning children into vampires is really dangerous since they can’t control their thirst and can’t resist human blood so they were banned and the feeling about them is especially strong to the Alaskan sisters since their own mother was executed for the same crime.

Cullens start to panic and they find out that the only way to do this peacefully is that they stop the Volturi for as long as it takes for them to explain about Renesmee since she is one of a kind so they decide to get various vampire covers that Carlisle has met and show them proof of Renesmee’s innocence so that they can bear witness so the Cullens were ready to depart throughout the world to collect these vampires while Bella and Edward stay in the house with Renesmee and Jacob since he won’t leave her side and they were to convince the guests to their side which was the hardest part and Alice and jasper had already gone saying that they would send vampires they meet on the way but they did not mention their main objective of departure.

The first ones to arrive are the rest of the Denali coven and they do panic at first at the site of Renesmee but they understand as Renesmee shows them her entire life using her powers and that’s how she wins over so many vampires and some of them do take quite a liking to her.

Eleazar who belonged to the Denali coven had figured out that Bella also has a special power and that she was a shield against mind attacks when he eventually couldn’t read her capacity from his power.

Bella spends the rest of the time practicing her shield so she could expand on people other than herself with one of the vampires and practice fighting with emmet.

When their arrival comes near, all the vampires start camping out in the area Alice had seen, and there was a tent put up for Renesmee to sleep in.

The Volturi arrived and with them was their entire guard as Alice had predicted but it seemed weird for them to get all the guards and even the wives for something as an underage vampire.

They were surprised to find that many vampires there, but then Edward goes up to the leader aro, and aro read what all happened through him. Still, at that moment, Bella was so angry that she got better control of her power and protected all of them, which is especially going to help with the two guard twins that everyone is afraid of.

Aro knows everything but even then, their true motive was to wipe out the Cullens since they were growing ever so slightly and getting more powerful and the Volturi was worried that someday, they would be as strong as to challenge them so they already were trying to get a reason to wipe them out when they got a reason through Irina.

When they found out that it was a misunderstanding so, in an attempt to anger them, they killed Irina, and then they said that maybe Renesmee is safe now, but there is no telling what would happen in the future and that she might be dangerous since the unknown is too risky and that they would have to take her.

Alice and Jasper come back and bring a vampire called Nahuel and his aunt Huilen and Alice says that Nahuel is also a vampire hybrid.

Nahuel then continues to tell his story and how his mother died when she gave birth to him. Hence, he stayed with his aunt who he had turned into a vampire when he was small. Still, he says that vampire hybrids also grow up normally which then leaves the Volturi no option and they leave but Nahuel’s arrival had also solved the problem of Renesmee’s quick growth since it was obvious that she will grow up fine.

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