The Sun Is Also A Star

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The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

*The article contains spoilers from the book: The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

The story starts with realist Natasha Kingsley, daughter of a Jamaican immigrant family living illegally, that is being deported tonight.

Daniel Jae Ho Bae, a romantic and aspiring poet, is from a Korean immigrant family with a terrible brother.

With her family being only twelve hours away from deportation, Natasha – unwilling to leave the only home she remembers – visits the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) just as she’s done every day since the notice arrived in a desperate bid to somehow convince someone to let her stay.

Arriving late at her appointment due to a guard, Natasha tries to explain herself but is turned away, where she meets Lester Barnes who takes her instead.

Lester Barnes takes her into his office and – after reading her file – explains that nothing can be done as their last appeal failed. In a bid to cheer her up, Lester Barnes uses the word ‘Irie’ (The Jamaican saying ‘irie’ is often used to mean ‘everything is alright and fine.’) Natasha experiences a meltdown that then encourages Lester Barnes to hand Natasha the name of a lawyer known as ‘the fixer.’ She ends up securing an appointment for eleven a.m.

On the way to get his hair cut for an admission interview at Yale, Daniel encounters an ominous train conductor who makes an announcement about finding God. Not looking forward to the interview in the slightest, Daniel takes the announcement as a sign and vows to go where the universe takes him today.

Upon exiting the train, he spies Natasha listening to music.

After reading the print on her jacket, Daniel decides to follow her into a record store where they witness Natasha’s ex and his new girlfriend stealing. Daniel aids in them getting caught, but Natasha is uninterested in talking to him further.

Daniel further follows Natasha and saves her from getting hit by a car.

Appreciating the save, Natasha allows him to keep her company and Daniel falls for her very quickly. In order to get her to return his feelings, Daniel suggests playing a scientific quiz in the one hour allotted time that she gave him.

They talk and try to get to know each other, but it’s time for Natasha’s appointment with the immigration lawyer and Daniel’s interview for Yale, so they part ways without exchanging any contact numbers.

Natasha enters the building to find that her lawyer has been in a car accident but gets some hope from the paralegal at the desk.

At the same time, Daniel reschedules his interview so that he can spend more time with Natasha, who finds herself excited upon seeing him.

They go to Daniel’s dad’s store for an errand he had to run, and have the most embarrassing moment because of Daniel’s terrible brother.

Despite this, they persist, and Daniel takes her to a Korean karaoke parlor where he impresses her with his skills.

They have a great time, and Natasha finally tells him about her being deported tonight, and they have a big fight over it.

Disappointed and rushing on adrenaline, Daniel goes back to his dad’s store and punches his brother in the face.

Natasha meanwhile goes back to the lawyer who tells her that there is indeed a chance that everything will turn out okay.

Wanting to find each other again, Daniel tries going to her lawyer’s building, and Natasha goes toward his dad’s store, but they both pass each other by a hair’s breadth.

Natasha has to argue with Daniel’s brother to get his number. Daniel arrives at her lawyer’s office to find that his interview also happens to be stationed here which he takes as a further sign when he gets her phone call.

They agree to meet at the lawyer’s building, and they sneak up to the roof where they have a conversation about science and love and everything in between. The conversation is full of hope and optimism.

Daniel finally goes to his interview which he finds is with the same lawyer that Natasha went to. After a conversation, the lawyer discloses that Natasha won’t be able to stay after all.

Daniel rushes to Natasha to tell this to her himself before she gets a chance to hear the bad news on the phone. They both are heartbroken with this development, and they both go together to her house where Natasha finally makes peace with her family before she leaves.

Natasha and Daniel take the same cabin to the airport where they share their goodbyes, and she leaves for Jamaica.

Natasha and Daniel both proceed to live their lives for years without the other, and the memories eventually begin to become blurry, until they encounter each other on the same flight by chance, and they reunite after all.


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