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Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

*The article contains spoilers from the book: Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

In “Good Girl, Bad Blood” by Holly Jackson, Pip Fitz-Amobi, the protagonist and amateur sleuth, is back in action following the events that happened six weeks ago in “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.” 

Despite Elliot Ward’s arrest for Sal Singh’s murder, Pip suspects the media hasn’t disclosed the full story. Her podcast, “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder,” has gained massive popularity, bringing her both fame and threats. Despite fan demand for another season, Pip insists she’s done with murder investigations.

A month later, Pip testifies at a trial while Fairview hosts a massive memorial for Sal Singh and Andie Bell. Pip encounters Connor and Jamie Reynolds during the event, noting the brothers in an intense conversation. The next day, Jamie mysteriously disappears, prompting Connor to seek Pip’s help, concerned about Jamie’s recent odd behavior.

Reluctant initially, Pip agrees to investigate Jamie’s disappearance after failing to convince Detective Hawkins to take the case. She interviews Joanna, Jamie and Connor’s mother, and Connor himself, uncovering peculiarities in Jamie’s recent actions, including secretive behavior, strained family dynamics, and plans with Nat da Silva after the memorial.

During a search of Jamie’s room, Pip finds a cryptic note mentioning “Hillary Weiseman left 11” which, after googling leads to a link to an obituary for an 80-year-old woman from Fairview, and she also discovers a watch unknown to Connor and Joanna, raising further suspicions.

While Ravi posts Missing posters, Pip heads to the newspaper to request Stanley Forbes to cover Jamie’s disappearance, to which he agrees. She later visits Nat at her boyfriend’s place, where Nat admits Jamie dashed away at the memorial to speak with someone but doesn’t know who. Nat claims no contact with Jamie recently, leaving Pip puzzled about his interactions.

A photo from the memorial captures Jamie looking directly at the camera, raising questions about who caught his attention.

Cara, despite being intoxicated, recalls seeing Jamie at a post-funeral party and a boy affirms Jamie’s presence and last sighting at 10:32 p.m., mentioning a distressing conversation about a child before Jamie vanished. Pip deduces Jamie followed people from the memorial to the party.

Pip’s mom clarifies Jamie’s firing for trying to steal a credit card. Later, at the Reynolds’ home, the absence of a chef’s knife and Joanna’s recollection of its last use coinciding with Jamie’s disappearance raises concerns.

A video from the party shows Jamie interacting with Stella Chapman using a false identity as “Leila.” Witnesses debate Jamie’s clothing, noting conflicting descriptions.

Ravi discovers a Tinder profile for “Layla Mead,” posing as Stella and connected to Jamie and their teacher, Adam Clark. Contacting “Layla” leads to an unexpected response and subsequent deletion of Layla’s social media profiles.

Pip’s new neighbors show a video of Jamie breaking in and taking a watch similar to the one found in his room, leaving behind other valuables, leaving everyone perplexed.

Mr. Clark, Pip and Connor’s teacher, faces questioning. He explains that being new, he didn’t recognize Stella’s altered photo on Layla’s profile. His interaction with “Layla” on social media led to her abrupt disengagement after learning about his profession.

A student reports seeing Jamie entering Nat’s home around 10:50 p.m. on the night of the memorial, contradicting Nat’s denial of his visit.

Pip and Ravi investigate a Reddit clue, leading them to the town cemetery and an unexpected encounter with Stanley Forbes. They unravel connections between Mary Scythe, bookstore staff sightings of Jamie, and a bouquet left at Hillary Weiseman’s grave.

Joanna Reynolds informs Pip about Jamie’s missing black sweatshirt and the discovery of a bloodstained shirt in his laundry, raising suspicions about Jamie’s activities.

A breakthrough occurs as Pip, Connor, and Joanna access Jamie’s computer. They uncover his online searches, including concerning topics like fighting, controlling parents, illness, and quick money-making. Additionally, they find Jamie’s GPS-enabled FitBit data from the night he disappeared, suggesting heightened activity after 11:40 p.m.

Pip discovers texts between Jamie and Layla on Jamie’s laptop. Jamie presents himself as older and more successful than he actually is. Layla stops messaging him once he admits he’s just 24, has a menial desk job, and lives with his parents. 

During a search mission organized by Pip, a missing chef’s knife belonging to the Reynolds is found near an abandoned farmhouse linked to a previous case. The knife, clean and devoid of blood, prompts Pip to contact the police and involves Daniel da Silva in its retrieval.

A stakeout at the farmhouse reveals signs of recent habitation. A confrontation during the stakeout exposes a potential drug deal involving high schoolers and leads to a pursuit involving Nat da Silva’s boyfriend, Luke Eaton.

Pip learns from Arthur Reynolds about Jamie’s request for $900, likely for drugs. However, Nat reacts defensively when questioned about a possible drug link between Jamie and Luke.

The trial of Max Hastings ends in his acquittal, leaving Pip infuriated. Additionally, Pip uncovers that a witness lied about Jamie’s movements on the night of the memorial, falsely implicating Nat’s involvement.

Pip faces escalating threats, including a warning note and online accusations of fabricating Jamie’s disappearance for podcast popularity. A confrontation with Ant leads to her suspension from school. Later, a heated interaction with Ravi strains their relationship despite his declaration of love.

Seeking justice, Pip confronts Max Hastings and then vandalizes his property before reconciling with Ravi. Nat reveals crucial information about Layla’s connections and Luke’s involvement in Jamie’s disappearance.

Further investigation reveals Layla’s sinister intentions, tying her actions to a past criminal case involving a covertly named individual.

Connecting the dots, Pip suspects Stanley Forbes of being involved in a pivotal way. Texting as Layla, she arranges a meeting, leading to revelations from Stanley about Jamie’s unexpected survival and his secret pact with his captor.

Events climax with a deadly encounter at the farmhouse involving Charlie Green, who exposes his true identity, inflicting fatal harm and setting the building ablaze. Stanley dies, and Pip undergoes police scrutiny but is ultimately cleared of any involvement.

The aftermath sees Stanley’s funeral marred by protests, Jamie’s homecoming celebration, and Pip’s discovery of Charlie and Flora Green’s sightings in Wichita, still at large.


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