harry potter and the philosopher's stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Review

In the first Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book, we are shown the basics of the world that we are about to enter.
The main characters include Harry Potter, an orphaned boy who lives with his extended family and loves to throw himself in danger because of his curiosity. Then there is Ron Weasley, who is a poor boy in a large family and because of his many siblings, he is often outshined. Ron turns out to be Harry’s first and closest friend. Hermione Granger a smart, bossy, and know-it-all who Harry and Ron loathe at first but she joins their squad in the middle of the story.

All three of them find a secret item that their school is holding onto though they also find out that someone is trying to steal it but when none of the teachers believes it, the three of them take the matter into their hands and start their journey to chase the evilest magical wizard from stealing it and getting back his own body and terrible power.

The book includes action, suspense, surprises, and unexpected twists that are really interesting to read.

It also shows the main character finally finding somewhere he fits in and a place to call home.



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