How Long Until A Blog Makes Money?

How Long Until A Blog Makes Money?

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Everyone can start a decent income from their blog within a year if they have a solid strategy before making it.

There are two main factors you have to consider before starting:


  • How much time do you put in 
  • How long until a blog makes money?


How Long Until A Blog Makes Money?

How much time you invest in your blog depends on how focused you are. For example, if you start a blog as your primary income after quitting a job, working 45 hours weekly would be ideal.

But if you’re starting a blog with passive side income, adding 15 hours weekly should do the job.

The more time you spend on your blog, the faster the money will roll in.

If you’re a busy person doing a demanding job or taking care of your kids, you probably won’t have enough spare time to spend 15-30 hours weekly to put in your blog, but spending 1-3 hours daily can help you do a solid blogging business. 

It just depends on how committed you are to making a profitable blog.

Many people blog thinking all they have to do is write some letters on their computer and watch the money roll in, but that’s the opposite of the truth. Blogging can be a challenging job, you have to focus on email marketing, affiliate marketing, creating groups on social media, responding to comments and emails.

Be devoted to your blog and not a decision you made while in the shower.

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How do you monetize your blog?

Another important factor in starting a blog is how you monetize your blog. This will determine the pace of the money you will earn through blogging.

Before you start, it is essential to do your research and find a profitable monetizing channel for your blog.

But don’t just stick with one source of income for your blog. Also look for different options so you can maximize profit.

Everyone should start their blog by first building their audience and when you eventually start generating traffic, move on to a better source of income.

Overall, you should have realistic expectations for your blog. Many bloggers generate income around the 6-12 months mark, but that also depends on how much time and effort they put in and also how they monetized their blog.

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How To Make Money From Your Blog Faster

Now that we have talked about how long it will take to start making an income from blogging, now let’s talk about how you can start making money in 6 months if you’ve put in the effort and time. 


  1. Write for Your Audience

As a starting blogger, it should be your top priority to write for your audience.

This will help them love your blog and eventually start trusting it. And once you have a loyal audience, they will start clicking the affiliate link and maybe buy your products. Many new bloggers spend their time writing for the wrong audience because of Shiny Object Syndrome.

To find out your exact audience and what they are interested in, you should start doing online research.

An example, if your blog is about traveling you should look up online groups and find out where your targeted audience is hanging out and their interests; by joining these groups, you can be able to find out what your target audience talks about, their problems, and how you can help them out. 


2. Find A Niche for Your Blog

You will never be able to find a loyal, dedicated audience if you haven’t decided on a niche for your blog.

You can’t have your blog filled with random articles, one about travel and the second about gaming.

After you have your targeted audience, you should only start writing about what they will be interested in. You can’t have more than one target audience even if you do. Neither will be satisfied with your blog, so you should go for one audience and have them become a loyal audience.  

Since you have found a niche for your blog, once you start writing for an audience, your target audience will immediately take an interest because the blog is about the things they take an interest in. 

And don’t just pick a niche because it’s currently trendy or will make you more profit.

Many bloggers struggle with their writing because they don’t have a niche that they take an interest in. Instead, you should be choosing a niche that you enjoy talking about and writing about.

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3. Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar is a must-have for your blog. It can help you stay focused and on track. And it will also make your blog organized from day one.

You will have a written plan of action in the calendar and you have to make sure to stick to it and not even miss a day. So you have to be dedicated strictly to the calendar and maybe have a treat for yourself if you get your tasks done on time or maybe even punishment if you don’t get your tasks done.

Many blogs’ downfall is that they don’t post frequently or are reluctant to make the sacrifices to make them go full-time.

Sticking to a schedule also means that you get to make sound investments in yourself and your blog. And like we’ve said before, the more effort you put into your blog, the faster it will yield results.

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