How to Monetize Your Blog: 9 Best Money-Generating Ways

How to Monetize Your Blog

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A question that is often asked is, how to monetize your blog?

Well, if your blog gets over 10,000 unique monthly visitors, then the answer would be yes, as you will monetize your blog and create nice venue steam, which would ultimately give you money.

But the real challenge comes from making money from a blog that usually generates less than 1,000 visitors per day.

Just as in real life, there are different stages to a blog’s cycle, so keep in mind that you can’t really compare your new blog to those that have been around for years.

Simply put, it takes a ton of time, effort, and consistency to make an income from blogging. And no matter what you have read before, blogging success just doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible.

Identify the stage you are in and work your way from there as there are no shortcuts to getting more traffic in your blog.

Down below are ways on how to monetize your blog successfully.


1. Generate Income Through Advertising

Banner ads are one of the most common things on the internet. Although they do become increasingly annoying they help to bring in more revenue for your blog.

You can also use ads in a variety of ways that are subtle yet effective. For example, some advertising ads are actually very good at blending with your webpage, making it look like the ad is a part of your website’s layout.

But I get it, it is tempting to fill your website with as many ads and advertising as possible, but resist the urge, as that would bring nothing good. Instead, try to keep only a reasonable number of ads and include them slowly and gradually.

Your longtime website visitors might not appreciate a sudden spike in ads, so start relatively small.

Also, try to avoid pop-up ads, as many users find them incredibly annoying to deal with, and the last thing you want to do is drive your fans away from your website due to poorly placed ads.

It can also make additional advertising as product and service endorsements, especially from providers in the same industry as the one you are in. It could sponsor this content and posts or just mentions on your website. If your viewers have an issue that an advertiser’s product can solve, then you can also reference the product in a post and collect your fee.


2. Offer Coaching Service to Motivated Clients

If you want to make money in the shortest time possible, consider online coaching. Giving prospects and customers direct access to expertise and your advice is where it’s at.

Research from data insights has found that the coaching industry makes a yearly revenue of $2 billion.

It doesn’t matter when you have started or how much experience and lessons you have gained through that time. Offering your coaching services to motivated clients would definitely make you money.

Many people inevitably face challenges in their lives, and that comes the same for your readers, too. A coach’s job is to help people manage their challenges positively instead of getting and giving up.

The main reason going to the coaching industry would earn you so much money is that people want to learn new things and get better in certain areas.

Coaches’ services are especially in demand because of the dramatic results the process can bring.

Life coaching is just one area to consider, not to mention how it’s trendy these days. As a coach, you will help people deal with their personal or professional lives.


3. Publish an Ebook

Now, you might be scared at the idea of writing a book as it also might seem a tall order, but if you check other Ebooks, you’ll be surprised as the average length is usually not that long.

So why not take some of your most favorite blog posts and create an Ebook?

An e-book can actually be as long as 10,000 words, which, depending on your blog posts, could be from five to ten posts, including an introduction and conclusion section added.

If you write a ton of articles, then you might already have e-book worth material in your posts without you even realizing it. You just need to pick a few articles that all follow a similar theme and then edit them together.

You can look into and try publishing your ebook independently, or you also rather consider using a service like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

The royal distribution is actually perfect, especially considering how many readers your work will be given to, and the pricing and editing are all under your ropes too. If you don’t count Amazon’s sales commission, then the service is ready!


4. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways bloggers can make money. In affiliate marketing, you promote the products of other businesses. Every time someone buys an item via your affiliate link, then you get a commission.

For example, if your commission is $5, if a hundred people buy through your link, you get $500.

The easiest way to find products to promote on your blog is by joining affiliate programs.


Once you have found a program that you like, sign up and browse through the affiliate products to pick the ones you want to promote. There is an affiliate program for every niche and industry that you could think of, whether fashion, food, education, health, or more.

It’s best to choose products related to your site’s niche one way or another. By purposely selecting products related to your site, you increase the chances of your audience having an interest in them and will become more likely to purchase them.

Once you have created your affiliate site and started getting more traffic, then you can even use OptinMonster to unlock more affiliate revenues.

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5. Create and Sell Online Courses

Another incredibly profitable way on how to monetize your blog is to create and sell online courses. You don’t even need that many leads or customers to start your first online course.

The secret is to start from where you currently are and scale your way from there.

If your blog gets at least fifty visitors per day, figure out what those visitors want precisely and create a course from what you deduce. Although as it would be your first course, it might not be that great, that’s seriously okay. As you can always improve, time to get rid of your excuses and get started.

Online courses are always focused on a specific subject or topic. They are highly organized and ready to be put into action.

Online courses actually have a higher perceived value compared to blog posts alone. And that’s because your target audience can see how much time you’ve spent creating it. From which they conclude, it must offer some type of value to them.

Creating an online course is a fantastic way to upgrade your blogging career a level higher. Instead of just writing for everyone, your best content gets only delivered to the customers.

Online courses are also top-rated. Thus, there are so many platforms to create and sell courses online.

Also, keep in mind that the online course market also gets involved daily.


6. Launch a Virtual Summit in Your Niche

If you’re the type to keep up with the trends, you have probably heard or even attended virtual summits before.

However, keep in mind that virtual summits and web conferences are entirely different from webinars.

The fundamental distinction would be that virtual summits are actually more engaging and interactive. They are essentially conferences that you can attend online with a host, Q&A Sessions, and multiple speakers covering a specific topic or theme.

Now, while virtual summits themselves are actually free to attend, you can only access them for a limited amount of time. As a result, the organizer usually creates most of his revenue from selling an all-access pass that allows the attendees to go over the material from the conference anytime they wish to.

Hosts also make more money by selling products related to their topics to the attendees, such as membership plans and courses, once the summit is over.

One part that makes virtual summits so good in monetization, especially for newbies, is that you don’t need to be well known to host one. This is most likely because you’re pulling credibility towards yourself by interviewing possible other influencers in your space.


7. Secure sponsorships

Sponsorships are a wonderful way to monetize your blog, but you need traffic if you want to sell it for a significant amount of money. You will create sponsored ads as long as you label them as sponsored.

Basically, in a nutshell, a company pays you to write about their products on your blog. Or they may even write it themselves, and all you have to do is publish it.

Be especially careful with sponsorships and be sure that you are upfront on readership. Google also cares about sponsored links, and it will penalize you if you’re selling links along with penalizing the site you are linking to. Simply put, it’s not worth it, so be as transparent as possible.


8. Create a High-Converting Funnel and Recommend Products

Once people join your email list, what exactly happens from then.

Ignoring subscribers is not a good idea. Follow-up and relationship building is extremely vital.

“44 percent of salespeople give up after one follow-up, and the average salesperson only makes two attempts to reach a prospect.” According to Market Donut.

Following up on prospects to turn them into buyers is usually where most of your sales will come from. Through follow-up mails, you have time to connect with highly motivated buyers and sell at the blackened.

Building a relationship is the easiest way to establish trust between readers and sell a product. It’s actually straightforward, yet few do this.

A start of a relationship is when you create awareness about your primary business. You then follow through with leading your prospects through a funnel while delivering immense value with your content through every single phrase.


9. Make Money From Private Label Rights

Private label rights is actually a strategy where you sell, or sometimes, buy intellectual property and market it as you own.

As a marketer, you can actually benefit from over fifty different ways to make money from private label rights. First, however, you must have to pay incredible attention to minor details.

First things first, don’t use the product word to word. Instead, tweak it so that it’s 65 percent unique. And once you understand your PlR rights, repackage it and make money from there.

Before 2011, PLR products were quite popular, as many marketers and bloggers would use them to generate content for their blogs.

In other words, PLR products are pre-written content that you can basically claim as your own incurring no legal action at all.

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