The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Review

Eclipse is the third of the series and in the book, they are finally rid of victoria who was a vampire wanting to kill Bella since the end of the first volume of the twilight series but in this book, I did find Bella a bit annoying though the last fight was quite entertaining to read.

The book begins with Edward back in forks and it was time for them to start picking a college but there have been murder incidents in Seattle which the Cullens think are the doing of newborn vampires and when Bella makes the theory of them being the same ones that ransacked her room, they team up with the werewolves of quillet and they go to battle together where they bring home a complete victory.

In this book, Bella had to make a choice between Edward and her best friend Jacob meanwhile Victoria was still out plotting her revenge.



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