The Night Circus

The Night Circus Review

The Night Circus starts with hector Bowen getting custody of his daughter which he isn’t happy about until he realizes that she is a natural at magic and he sets up a challenge with his lifelong rival Mr. A. H and he tells him to choose a competitor of his own.

The venue of the challenge is the circus which is dangerous since a lot of innocent people have been involved in it but Mr. A. H’s competitor Marco Alisdair joins as the owner’s assistant; meanwhile, Hector’s daughter Celia joins as their illusionist, but it could be plainly seen that the circus was not normal because of the strange things happening.
Marco and Celia keep competing in this challenge with rules that neither of them understands when they realize that to win, the other must die, and they try to stop the challenge in attempting to kill themselves.

Just when Marco tries to kill himself in the fire, Celia stops him, and she teleports them deep within the circus, which leaves them neither dead nor alive. Hence, the challenge is over without a winner or a loser, but the circus comes in great peril as they realize that someone must take charge of it.

Bailey Clarke who was friends with the circus’s twins was there at the moment and it was predicted that he would be part of the chain of events now. They realize that he would have to be the one, so he willingly takes charge and saves the circus.

The night circus was quite exciting and different for me, but I think that perhaps there were too many cut parts.
The book also jumped between different timescapes and points of view, which made it a bit hard to read, but I got the hang of it later, and it was altogether a good book.



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