a curse so dark and lonely

A Curse So Dark and Lonely Review

A Curse So Dark and Lonely starts with prince Rhen who has been cursed to turn into a monster at the end of every season unless he finds a girl to fall in love with an enchantress who did it for revenge since Rhen’s grandfather had killed all her people.

The curse had been going on for millions of seasons without a chance to break it, but every time that he fails, the season resets, bringing him to his eighteenth birthday again.

One day the only person that has survived the curse in the castle Grey who used to be the royal army’s commander, teleports back to Washington DC to kidnap another girl, but he gets attacked by a girl named Harper midway and teleports her instead.

The book continues on with this season being prince Rhen’s last so he has to make sure that his kingdom is safe from the upcoming war before he becomes into the monster forever.

Harper helps but then she has to go back to her family, and her mother dies leaving her and her brother alone.
She gets taken back again, where she somehow manages to control the monster when he turns since Rhen still recognizes her and they stop the war from happening.

Lilith appears who the enchantress who cursed Rhen is, and she was going to kill him, but Harper jumps in the way, and Grey tries to kill her but then never comes back.

This book was a retelling of beauty, and the beast, and I did find it enjoying, but it did leave quite a few answers unquestioned.



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