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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Summary

*The article contains spoilers from the book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the final part of the famous seven-part series.
The book starts with Harry getting ready to leave his aunt, uncle, and cousin’s house forever. However, Harry was still underage and couldn’t use magic outside of school so he was going to get a pick up to his friend Ron’s house while his aunt, uncle, and cousin were to be escorted to a safe place so that Voldemort and his followers couldn’t do anything to them.

When they were gone, Harry was left all alone with his owl at the house that he would never come back to again.

He was supposed to wait for mad-eye moody. Still, instead, he brought along his two best friends Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Bill Weasley, Fleur Delacour ( they both were for whom Harry was going to the Weasley’s house), Mundungus Fletcher, Fred, and George Weasley.

There were also more members of the Order of Phoenix like Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Hagrid and Mr Weasley.

The plan was to use six decoy Harry to throw possible death waters off; meanwhile, the real Harry was supposed to go with Hagrid.

They take off but halfway all of them get attacked though more go towards mad-eye moody who was flying with shape changed Mundungus fletcher since they were probably sure that the real Harry would go with the most skilled among the rest though they soon realise that the real one is with hagrid.

It becomes too late and Harry and hagrid teleport to the Weasley’s house were when they all met up they found out that George had permanently lost one of his ears because of a death eater and mad-eye moody lost his life because Mundungus fletcher had freaked out and left him to die. However, they couldn’t find the body, but they still had to go on.

Harry decided to put off his adventure with Ron and Hermione to find Horcruxes because Fleur and Bill were going to get married, so Harry agreed to stay until then.

Before the wedding, it was also Harry’s seventeenth birthday making him of age in the wizarding world, and he can also use magic outside of school, so that was also a good thing, but the three of them also got strange items from Dumbledore’s will on that day.

It was the day of the wedding, but when they were done, they got a warning from Kingsley shackle bolt that the ministry of magic has fallen and that death eaters are on their way right now. The sign had given most of the guests to just teleport out of there beforehand, but not long after, the death eaters arrived.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had already planned on everything. They had enough information on the Horcruxes because of a book about them that Hermione summoned at the end of last year. She even had everything they needed in her purse using an enlargement spell to leave in a moment’s notice that came in use. They decided to stay at Harry’s godfather Sirius’s house, which was also the old headquarters but now belongs to Harry along with all other Sirius’s belongings since that’s what he wrote in his will.

On the second day, they found out that Sirius’s younger brother was initially a death eater. Still, he was the one who stole the original Horcrux, which was the Slytherin locket, so Harry called the old house-elf Kreacher that now also belonged to him and questioned the house elf.

They find out that the regular stole the locket in exchange for his life and told Kreacher to destroy the locket. Still, Kreacher couldn’t which is expected since Horcruxes can only be destroyed by certain things which are all quite hard to get hands-on then after Sirius died Mundungus fletcher came to the house and stole everything valuable he could see including the locket. Hence, Harry gave Kreacher the fake Horcrux as a keepsake and told Kreacher to find and bring that double-sided Mundungus fletcher to them which he did after a few days.

Mundungus had sold all the stuff except the necklace which he had to give to a ministry of a magic worker who he said to be none other than their terrible fifth-year defence against the dark arts teacher Dolores Umbridge.

Every day after that each of them took turns to take Harry’s invisibility cloak outside and try To get as much information as they can on the ministry of magic and to devise a plan using it.
They also had a bunch of other stuff that they packed which could come of use to them.
They had also found out that Harry had become the world’s most-wanted wizard, and Severus snape had become the Hogwarts new headmaster, which could only mean trouble to them and the students.

Finally, it was the day to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic, and they were all set and ready to do so.
They were supposed to drink the Polyjuice potion to pretend to be ministry people, which they succeeded in doing so and got the necklace. Still, in addition, they had freed all the muggle-borns that were in for unfair questioning today and caused a massive uproar in the ministry of magic, resulting in them losing number 12 Grimmauld place as a safe place and instead they decided to camp at a forest they teleported to.

With no way to destroy the necklace yet, they each took turns in wearing the necklace to keep it safe since it’s dangerous if one wears it for too long.

Not enough food to satisfy his hunger and wearing the necklace made Ron extra moody and got in a fight with Harry then left and unfortunately, he wouldn’t be able to return because they had to keep moving in order to stay hidden and they also got attacked by Voldemort’s snake which led to harry breaking his wand so he had to borrow a different one.

One night when harry was keeping watch as Hermione slept, harry saw a mysterious bright doe and followed it which led him to a frozen lake with Godric Gryffindor’s sword at the bottom which is particularly lucky for them because they still hadn’t gotten rid of the necklace because it can only be broken by things that are very rare, dangerous or hard to get hands-on. Still, one of them was basilisk venom and harry had killed a basilisk in his second year with that very sword so it was still covered with some of the venoms so harry broke the ice on top and jumped down but just as he grabbed the sword, the Slytherin’s necklace started to choke him.

In the end, the one who saved him was Ron who actually was looking for them as he came in his right mind and the thing that helped him was the denominator Dumbledore gave Ron in his will then Ron was the one who broke the locket and together they went to Hermione to tell her what happened.

Then they decided to go to their friend Luna Lovegood’s house because there was something they wanted to ask him.

Luna and her father were also there at bill and fleur’s wedding. Still, Harry noticed that Luna’s father was wearing a strange symbol around his neck, and it keeps popping up like the night Voldemort’s snake attacked them and in the storybook that dumbledore gave Hermione.
They found him at his house alone, and they asked him, so he told Hermione to read the story that Dumbledore gave Hermione in his will out loud.

It was a story about three brothers who cheated death, so death offered them one item each.
The big brother asked for a wand more powerful than any before, the middle brother asked for a stone that can resurrect the dead, and the little brother asked for an invisibility cloak.

Luna’s father said that the story was true and that all three of the items are real, and the wielder of all three would become master of death and that is what the symbol means.
The elder wand, the resurrection stone, and the cloak of invisibility together are the deathly hallows, and possessing them would make one master of death.

Of course, it was quite a ridiculous tale, but they had to believe it since the invisibility cloak that he was talking about was an actual invisibility cloak; it wasn’t like the others, which fade out over time since the spell that was cast became old and they knew just the invisibility cloak, it was exactly like Harry’s but now they also found out that Voldemort is looking for the elder wand that he can finally use to defeat harry once and for all.

Luna’s father sold them out to death eaters because he said that they kidnapped Luna since he was siding with Harry too much in his paper, the quibbler.
Then they teleported back to their new camp, but after a few days, they were found and were taken to The Malfoy manor.

There was also Bellatrix Lestrange there since she is Narcissa Malfoy’s sister and Draco’s aunt.
Bellatrix got really anxious when she saw the Gryffindor sword since it was supposed to be in her vault but never did she know that the one in the vault was fake.
Bellatrix took Hermione for questioning/torture and Ron and Harry were taken down in the dungeons where they met Luna, Ollivander, the wandmaker, and a goblin from the wizarding bank.

From above, they could hear the screams of Hermione but she came up with a good lie and said that the one that they have is game so a Worm tail is sent to bring the goblin to check and Harry tells the goblin to lie.

As that is happening, Dobby the house-elf, teleports to them and saves them all in the end but at the price of his life since he gets pierced in the chest by a dagger that Bellatrix Lestrange threw.

Dobby brought them all to the cottage where bill and fleur were living since that’s what Ron said. From there on, Harry, Ron, and Hermione start to plan a break-in at Gringotts, the wizarding bank, with the help of the goblin at the price that they have to give the sword to the goblin and harry had already got the vision that Voldemort got the elder wand. However, he took it from Dumbledore’s grave.

They break into Gringotts with disguises. Ron is an old guy, Harry, and the goblin is under the invisibility cloak. Hermione is disguised as the one and only Bellatrix Lestrange since they’re trying to break into her vault, which they do. From there, the Horcrux Hufflepuff’s cup but the goblin grip hook betrays them and runs with the sword, leaving them with no way to escape, so they ride the dragon that was supposed to guard the vaults and flee to the sky.
Though again, they had no way to destroy the new Horcrux they found.
After a few more days Harry gets another vision.

Voldemort found out about them going after his Horcruxes, and Harry found out there is one at Hogwarts, so that’s going to be their next stop.

As soon as they teleport to the Hogsmeade, a siren goes off and they’re saved by the owner of the hog’s head, who they find out is Dumbledore’s brother, Aberporth.

Aberforth calls their friend Neville Longbottom, and he comes through a secret passageway through a painting, so from there they go inside the underground tunnel while Neville tells them how horrible Hogwarts been and how most of the students have joined the D.A again, which is currently running by Neville, so that’s where they were going.

As they came out of the tunnel, they met most of the students that were in the D.A previously and more. It also turns out that Neville called all the other members and the order of Phoenix that were not in the school too, so this is going to be time to get their freedom back, but before that, Harry had to find the Horcrux that was here so he took Luna who had also come back and went to check the Ravenclaws dorm room to check but instead he faced the two death eaters that were teaching in the school and knocked them out and met up with the head of Gryffindor Minerva McGonagall who agreed to help harry and buy him to search with the help of the whole school but snape escaped.

There was a meeting in the grand hall and they were preparing for battle together with the teachers, students and the order of Phoenix.

Voldemort knew and still offered to spare their lives in exchange for Harry’s, but everyone refused instead of the Slytherins of course who were all sent home, but from the students, only seventeen-year-olds were allowed to stay, and the rest were to go home, but some of the underage D.A stayed like Ginny and Luna.

During the meeting, Hermione and Ron were missing, supposedly they left when Harry went to the Ravenclaw room. Still, Harry suddenly remembered a place where the Horcrux could have been hidden, so Harry rushed over to the room of requirement where there was the D.A headquarters, but the battle of Hogwarts had already started.

At the entrance to the room of requirement, he met up with Ron and Hermione, and it turned out that they went to the place where Harry had slain the basilisk and took His fangs to break the Hufflepuff’s cup and they also brought some along.

Harry then wished to go to the place where all the things are hidden and the room of requirement turned into that then they started looking for something that had the Ravenclaw logo on it and harry finally found it, it was the Ravenclaw’s diadem but that’s just when Draco Malfoy and his two cronies found harry and they started a whole big fight that ended with one of them creating cursed fire and burning the entire room but they got out safely except one of Draco’s followers who died but they successfully destroyed another Horcrux only two more remains.

One of them was Voldemort’s huge pet snake Nagini and Harry had just got a vision of her with Voldemort in the shrieking shack so that’s where they go in all the chaos.

There they witness Voldemort murdering snake because the elder wand isn’t working properly for him and since it was Snape the one who killed Dumbledore so Voldemort murdered snape but when the dark lord left, harry came out and snape gave Harry a bottle of his memories before dying then the three of them go back to the castle and the war has been called off for a while by Voldemort but it will start again if harry doesn’t come to him in the given time.
In the castle the grand hall is filled with dead bodies among them were Fred Weasley, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks.

Ron and Hermione leave Harry to go and mourn and Harry overwhelmed with all the deaths because of him, went to the headmaster’s room to check the memories of snape.

It turned out that since he was small, snape love Harry’s mom and when Harry’s parents were killed he joined Dumbledore’s side and even became a spy for him when the dark lord returned but in Harry’s sixth year, dumbledore was put on a curse that would kill him but dumbledore instead asked to snape to do it in the hopes that the elder wand’s magic would die with him but that didn’t happen and harry also found out that the last and final Horcrux is harried himself.

When Voldemort tried to kill Harry sixteen years ago, the spell rebounded and killed him but before that, his soul went and stuck to the only living thing left in the house but Voldemort doesn’t know.

So harry finally found out that he has to die and it has to be done by the dark lord so harry goes to the place where Voldemort’s waiting and on the way he tells Neville to kill the snake Nagini at any cost then he goes towards his doom.
On the way, Harry remembers about the item that he was given in Dumbledore’s will.
It was the first-ever golden snitch he ever caught in quidditch and that’s when the snitch opened revealing a ring that was broken by Dumbledore since Voldemort also made it a Horcrux but just as Harry thought, it was also the resurrection stone.

Harry used it and came out Harry’s parents, his godfather and Remus lupin but they weren’t human, they most looked alike the memory of riddle which was less than human but more than a ghost and they are the ones who helped harry move forward and at last he reached to where the death eaters are and the ring fell out of his hand, taking away his family members too.
Finally, Voldemort killed him but he was surprised to see that he is with dumbledore.

Dumbledore explains everything on how when he was young he wanted to get the deathly hallows but that childish dream cost him his younger sister’s life that was why he never told harry about the hallows but he also told Harry that he had a choice and that Harry could go back since Harry’s mother died to protect him, therefore, sealing him in powerful protection of love that was in his very blood and Voldemort used that blood to come to life so as long as the spell is alive, Harry is alive.

He went back but acted as though he had died.

The dark lord took him back to Hogwarts to show everyone that Harry Potter is dead but Neville stood up to him and cut off Nagini’s head on the spot which means that Voldemort is officially mortal and can be killed.

The battle started again and this time the magical creatures joined in like Buckbeak the hippogriff and the centaurs.
Harry took advantage of the restarted chaos and disappeared on the spot using his Invisibility cloak and only showed himself when everyone was inside the castle while trying to protect Mrs Weasly from a spell that Voldemort cast.

Everyone was shocked and it was finally time that Harry Potter faced Lord Voldemort since they have been arch enemies for so long.

Harry knew that the elder wand was still wasn’t working for the dark lord and took the liberty of explaining that and everything else to everyone.

Dumbledore wanted the wand’s magic to die with him but that didn’t happen since Draco was the one who had disarmed dumbledore in the first place so the wand had given its diligence to him and he didn’t even know but harry had beaten Draco that night in the Malfoy manor so that means that the master of the wand is Harry and now he has the cloak, the stone and the wand which would make him master of death.

They cast their spells at each other and the elder wand realizing who its owner is, rebounded and the killing hit the dark lord head-on.

It was a new morning, all the death eaters were being arrested, the innocents were being released and the battle which claimed over seventy lives was finally over.
As it comes to the wand, Harry used the elder wand to fix his old one and left it so that it wouldn’t cause anyone trouble ever again.




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