How To Inject Powerful Branding to Your Blog

powerful branding

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Many bloggers often build their websites and start creating content without even considering injecting powerful branding into their brand.

In contrast, businesses mostly just often extend their corporate branding to their respective blogs, completely overlooking the possibility of enhancing their blog.

As a fellow blogger whether your blog’s focus is on your business, solopreneur, media entity, or perhaps personal subject, you should always take particular time out to carefully think things through regarding your brand and its implications that would come moving forward.

As every time you write, design, post, launch, and or even connect, you would be building up an expression in other people’s minds of how they would view you and your brand, so the best possible method would be to try to inject powerful branding and a voice to your blog to make a better impression to your viewers. If you’re stumped about how to go about this, then you are in the right place, as this article will help you do just that.


What is Powerful Branding?

Branding is like a type of process of handing a meaning to a specific organization, company, products, and or services by shaping and creating the right brand in the consumers’ minds.

It happens to be a strategy designed by multiple organizations to help the people and customers to recognize and experience their brands swiftly and give them a valid reason to choose their products over their competitions’ by completely clarifying what the particular brand is and isn’t.

The main objective is to attract and maintain loyal buyers and various other stakeholders by delivering products that are always aligned with what the brand always promises.


Top 8 Ways to Use Branding in your Blog

Here are the top ten ways to brand your blog.

Select a theme for your blog

As a blog’s main underlying architecture, a blog theme can provide the basic structure for your specific blog’s representation. One of the more vital options that a blog theme sets so happens to be the use and the locations of columns.

A theme provides the parameters within which you then build your blog and the related brand.

However, some of them are free, and some have a fee you have to pay. Also, make sure that you change all the prototype texts as you don’t want your blog to feel like “just another WordPress blog.


Use a unique and original logo

Just as your blog should have a unique and distinguishable design and theme, your blog should also have its own unique logo. 

A logo represents your true blog values as it is also a blog’s symbol of authority and respect among the other blogs. Just take a look at brands such as Adidas, Nike, and or McDonald’s, who have their logos present almost everywhere.

So a logo should be decided on carefully and with a lot of thought as it will be a front for your blog.


Write as you talk

Writing as you talk can create a distinct style of writing that is available only for your blog, and it also can share some of your personality with your viewers, which would help again.

Writing like talk would also mean avoiding jargon, especially as fancy terms take up a ton of space and not to mention brain cells while only giving a small amount of factual information and only stating meaningless things, which would also give the wrong impression.

Avoiding jargon also allows you to sound authentic. As you can no longer glom onto words, and you must describe something of use to your readers, using proper speech.

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Determine a set color palette

Even though some might degrade the importance of this, color is an essential element for branding, so don’t just go around skipping this because you’re not a graphic artist.

Give a little thought to the statement you wish to make about your blog. Maximum your palette to about two to three colors. If you’re hoping to use them for the headlines and type, make sure they are eligible and understandable.

Question yourself things like if you want your blog’s vibe to be a bit forceful or delicate? Consider how your viewers might react to your choice of colors, especially if you wish to choose extreme shades such as hot pink and or lime green.

You don’t want your viewers to skip the potentially important information just because your choice of color is too scary.

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Be consistent around other social platforms

Everything you would do and share is going to be a part of your brand.

So ask yourself if you have a person posting on Facebook, one on Instagram, another one on Snapchat, or perhaps on other platforms as well.

If you do have multiple people working for you and your brand, then the higher chances are that they aren’t all using a similar type of voice and tone, but they really should.

You should gather the whole gang together and properly plan things out to ensure that all of your fans and followers can get the same thing and overall experience.

Some ideas to help when it comes to this would be.

  • What are your brand’s values?
  • What makes your brand different from the rest?
  • What would you want others to say about your brand?
  • How would you improve people’s lives?
  • What tone does the audience speak with when talking to their people?
  • What doesn’t would want people to say about your brand?

Try to be on the same page and wavelength by all other social media pages sounding and speaking consistently no matter where your brand might show up.

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The quality of your posts should be high and interesting

As an important point, the viewers of your blog should be kept up to date with the frequency of your postings so that they can come back to the blog and enjoy the latest posts. However, they should have a valid reason to do that. The main thing needed for the viewers to keep frequently visiting would definitely be the quality of your posts. Time is an essential thing, so why would someone waste their precious time on visiting postings at a lesser rate.

A practical solution for attracting more and more viewers would be to have stately giveaways and incredibly interesting subjects. In this way, even undecided surfers could stumble upon your page only to end up competing for a badge or perhaps a book. Still, he can also be likely to notice that the blog is very high quality, and from now on, they may regularly visit to check out the latest posts and or articles.

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Set short-term intentions yet long-term goals

At the beginning of your journey, you should set short-term intentions and long-term goals and then later revisit them from time to time every so often to make sure that you’re eventually reaching your overall objectives. Your viewers, whether they are old loyal fans or newcomers, would be looking for accountability rather than authenticity.

So you should be true to your brand’s ethos and ethics around all the overall topics you might end up covering, and most importantly, lead the viewers with a measured and consistent tone of voice and writing.


Communicate with the people

A good and balanced connection with the readers leads to a perfect way to maintain a well-known and successful blog. We might be living in a modern world with speed and social media, but the world of communication has its own influence on people, so don’t ignore that.

You should never consider that it was common for everyday people that led to truly build a brand. So if the people still aren’t sure that you are the solution for them, then there is still a lot you need to work towards.

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