East Blue Part 2: The First Bounty

One Piece

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Usopp, Zoro, and Johnny arrive at the island and they tie up Zoro since he is still injured and they don’t want him to fight anyone in this state.
A few fishermen see them and Usopp and Johnny escape immediately, Leaving Zoro behind to get caught. They swim towards the shore where they spot a village.

They had landed on Gosa village or what remained of it since all the houses were upturned and destroyed and through that more fishermen spotted them so they have to run again.
Johnny manages to escape but Usopp is saved by a girl named Nojiko.
When Usopp wakes up, Nojiko tells him that he is currently in Cocoyashi village and admits that she is Nami’s sister; she also tells him that Nami is actually a part of the fishermen Arlong’s crew and the village has come to associate her as a witch who betrayed them. Usopp is shocked to learn all this.

Later Usopp also learns about the monthly fee that the island has to pay and if they don’t they would be killed and he attacks the fishermen.
Meanwhile, Zoro is taken to the said fishermen and he sees Nami there who tells him that she had just joined them for the treasure but Zoro doesn’t believe that and he jumps in the water to prove that she cares about them. Forcing Nami to make a move.

Nami saves him but she also beats him up after that to prove that she isn’t with them when he was captured, Nami went inside his cell and gave him a knife to cut his ropes and escape from there. This pretty much convinces him that she isn’t bad.

After a while, Nami visits her home village Cocoyashi village where everyone treats her coldly and they leave except Nojiko.
The two sisters go to visit their adoptive mother’s grave where Nami tells her sister that she has almost enough money to free their village from Arlong and that probably one more trip would be enough to get that amount.

Zoro escapes but he doesn’t go quietly and kills every fisherman that was there at the time he meets Hachin who is an octopus at the moment he was oblivious to the fact that Zoro had killed most of his crew and Hachin invites Zoro to ride him to where he wanted to go since he thought that Zoro was one of the corrupted marines that help Arlong for money, Zoro accepts the ride.
Usopp is taken to Arlong who had just arrived back at his Arlong park and is surprised to see so many of his subordinates’ deaths even though they were weak.

Usopp uses his smoke star to try to escape but Nami catches him and stabs her hand it is made to look like she stabbed Usopp then she throws him in the water.
Johnny had seen it all and is now also in horror.
Meanwhile, Luffy, Sanji, and Yosaku were riding towards them but they encounter a mysterious sea cow, Luffy wanted to eat it but it turns out that the cow thought that they were food so Sanji beats it and they tie him to their boat so that he can take them towards the island faster.

They arrive at the village where they meet up with Zoro then Johnny arrives and tells them of what he saw but Luffy denies to believe that Nmai killed Usopp when Nami comes and reminds them that she was never an official member and just tagged along for their treasure then she tells them to get their ship and leave to which Luffy refuses which causes Nami to angrily walk away but Johnny and Yosakku walk off too saying that they don’t want to be killed by fishermen.
At this moment Usopp arrives and tells them that Nami didn’t actually kill him, instead she stabbed her hand.

Nojiko finds them four and tells them the truth that she is actually working for Arlong to save her village and that she needs one hundred million for that so she has been saving up ever since she was a child no matter what the danger was and Nojiko also asks them to leave and not make it more difficult for her but again she is unsuccessful.

Luffy and Zoro weren’t even listening to her while Sanji and Usopp were also including the eavesdropping Johnny and Yosakku who hadn’t actually left.

Back at Arlong park, he realizes that Nami is soon gonna be able to pay the amount he asked for but he doesn’t want Nami to go since she makes really good naps that do them a lot of benefits so he decides to go back on his word and use a trick.

At the shore, a corrupted marine officer with name Nezy arrives and he asks the village chief Genzo to take them to Nami and Nojiko’s house where he accuses Nami to have illegal money.
Genzo is also really mad and he reveals to Nami that he and all the villagers knew from the beginning why she was working for Arlong but they kept her low so that if she wanted to run away, they would not hold her back.

The marines take all of Nami’s money that she had worked so hard collecting for years and Nami angrily goes to Arlong but he simply says that he didn’t go back on his word and that the deal is still on so she would just have to collect again.

Genzo rallies up all the villagers who also get really mad and they get all their weapons and go to Arlong park to confront him despite Nami’s fruitless attempts to stop them since she knows they would die.

Nami is then left alone in the plaza where she cries then Luffy arrives and Nami finally asks for his help he places his straw hat on top of Nami’s head and the straw hats also go towards the plaza.

Johnny and Yosakku who had tried to beat Arlong failed and they were now standing outside the gates of Arlong park where they stop the villagers and tell them to wait for “those guys” referring to the straw hats.

Luffy and the others finally arrive and Luffy is really mad at Arlong for making his Nakama (Friend/Companion) cry.

They all fight and Luffy is able to defeat Arlong he destroys all of Arlong park knowing that Nami won’t be free if it is still here but he wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of his crew mates and a little help from Nojiko And Genzo.

Zoro took on the octopus Hatchin who was really careless since he was still very injured and Sanji helps with the others while Usopp was watching from the other side of the gates and helped with his slingshot he can.

When Arlong and his crew are defeated, Luffy gets his first bounty by the order of that corrupted marine officer (who Luffy also beat up) and his first bounty is thirty million Berries (One Piece currency).

The whole island has a party since now not only Cocoyashi village, but the rest of them are free of his reign too and the party that they arrange stretches out to days.

Nami had actually gotten all the money that she saved up back and she decides to leave it for the island since there has been a lot of destruction Nami rejoins the strawhats, knowing that they would be dead without her but she joins them officially this time and then the crew departs with the island waving them goodbye.



The strawhats who were now alone since Johnny and Yosakku had left them at Cocoyashi village, were lounging in the Going merry when Nami finds out that Luffy had gotten his first-ever bounty of thirty million Berries and Luffy is more than happy to know that and Luffy’s hometown had also learned of his bounty and are currently celebrating since it was always Luffy’s dream, meanwhile Hawk-eye Mihawk tells the new to Red hair Shanks who is overjoyed and also arranges a party which Mihawk joins.

Back at the Going Merry, Sanji notices an island which turns out to be Lougetown and Nami notifies them that it is the last island in east blue before the grand line and it’s also the island where the pirate king Gol D. Roger was born and later executed.
They decide to stop at the island to buy some supplies for the grand line and they all split up.
Zoro had borrowed money from Nami and went to buy swords since two of his swords were broke after his fight with Mihawk but the only sword he would not have wanted to be broken after anything is his Wado Ichimonji which belonged to his childhood friend Kuina.

Zoro went to the sword shop whose owner tried to scam him for the Wado Ichimonji since it’s actually a world-famous sword but Zoro didn’t fall for it then he meets Tashigi who is a sergeant marine in this town and Zoro instantly gets uneasy since she looks too much like his childhood friend for his comfort.
Tashigi who didnt know that Zoro was a pirate, helped him pick a sword which she recognized as the Sandai Kiketsu but the owner of the shop warned him that it is cursed and he should probably not buy it but Zoro’s interest just peaked then he took them and threw it in the air with his arm out but as the sword came down, it didn’t cut his arm instead it had cleanly circled around it.

The owner of the shop was shocked then he went to his storeroom to bring out a sword with the name of Yubashiri which is also a famous sword, he claimed it to be the best in the shop and gave it and the other sword to Zoro for free since he said that it has been a while since he saw real talent.

Sanji had entered a cooking competition that was going on since he wanted the price which was a large fish called blue-finned elephant tuna and it wasn’t a fish that belonged to east blue and could only have come from the grand line, Sanji had won the competition and also won himself the exotic fish.

Nami had bought a bundle of clothes while Usopp had restocked up on his ammo and also bought new goggles, he also met an ex-marine who had met his father and Usopp beat him to get the goggles.

Luffy actually wanted to see the platform where Gol D. Roger was executed and he also stumbled upon Smoker who was the captain of this island (he is also the first not corrupted marine we see) Smoker actually has a reputation for not letting any pirate reach the grand line since he was stationed and he was also currently looking for Luffy but didn’t know his face yet.

Luffy finds the execution platform and climbs it to see what the pirate king saw before he was killed but there he meets a familiar face who turns out to be Buggy and his crew mates who lock down Luffy so he can’t move and Buggy announces this as Luffy’s execution.
The rest of the strawhats find out what’s happening, Zoro and Sanji run towards the execution platform to help while Nami and Usopp were going back to the ship with all their stiff since Nami said that a storm is coming.

Zoro and Sanji would not make it and Luffy tells them sorry he’s dead while grinning just as Buggy is about to cut his head off when strange lightning hits just the execution platform and it is destroyed and Luffy comes from the rubble without so much as a scratch which surprises everyone then they run back to the ship.

Smoker was actually watching from behind the scenes with snipers everywhere and he was disturbed by seeing Liffy laugh at the face of death and remembered it to be very similar to when Gol D. Roger was executed and he also comments that it is as if the heavens themselves want him to live.

Smoker goes after the three strawhats and captures the Buggy pirates in the process but Tashigi reaches the strawhats first and she is angry and accuses Zoro of tricking her and Zoro fights her but he defeats her easily though he doesn’t kill her.
Smoker catches up to Luffy with the help of his smoke smoke fruit which allows him to turn his body into smoke and he pins down Luffy since Luffy cannot land a hit on a smoke man but before Smoker captures him, he is stopped by the most wanted man, The revolutionary Dragon and he uses his devil fruit (which is still not confirmed of what it is) to create a strong gust of wind to send Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji flying to their ship.

Smoker asks Dragon why he would bother saving a rookie to which Dragon answers that why not let him Pursue his dreams then he disappears.

Smoker and Tashigi decide to change their post and go after the strawhats in grand line while Buggy and his crew who had also escaped, decide to go to the grand line too.
The strawhats were heading straight for the reverse mountain which is the entrance to the grand line and they perform a ceremony to renew their dreams before going to the said sea.

To become the pirate king, To become the world’s best swordsman, To find All blue, To become a brave warrior of the sea and To make a map of the whole world.





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