Journey to the Kingdom of Arabasta – Whiskey Peak

Whiskey Peak

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In the Journey to the Kingdom of Arabasta, the Strawhats reach the reverse mountain or the red line as it is called which is the entrance of the grand line and they ride and climb over it by the strange river that is there.

As they are descending, they spot a huge mountain-like thing at the end which the going Merry could crash into but they manage to slow down their ship as they get nearer, they realise that it is actually a whale with scars on its forehead.

The going Merry had survived but its head had come off and that was where Luffy usually sat so he got mad and punched the whale, which then swallowed their ship whole along with the crew and Luffy was the only one out when he saw a strange door attached to the top of the whale’s head and he entered it.

Back at the ship, the rest of the members had come out in the whale’s stomach that was huge and they are surprised to see its stomach painted with blue and white paint to make it look like the sky and there was also a small island there with a person sitting on a beach chair who had actually saved there life from a strange creature that was gonna attack them there.

They find out that the person’s name is Crocus and he used to be a doctor but he manages to get on the nerves of Zoro and Sanji just by talking when suddenly the whale started shaking violently and Crocus tells them that he is smashing his head on the red line before he goes climbing a ladder at the side of the whale that led to another door.

Meanwhile, Luffy had entered a weird hallway which he followed. In the end, he saw a woman and a man who had guns in their hands and it looked like they were trying to kill the whale from the inside.

Luffy didn’t care, he saw another door in front of him and the whale was moving so he used his rocket move and blasted through the door, shoving the two people standing there into the digestive water of the whale’s stomach and Luffy found himself with his crew again.

The straw hats help the two strangers who were drowning now and Crocus exclaimed that they had been coming here for a while now for food and the whale is big enough to feed their entire island but they always fail.

Crocus then enters the hallway and enters a section where he gives the whale a sedative and it comes down then he also helps the straw hats get out of the whale’s stomach who had also taken the two people hostage.

Back at the red line, they find out that the whale’s name is Laboon and it has been waiting here for fifty-two years for his old crew.

Laboon had only been a baby when he had followed them to the grand line secretly but he was too small then and his crew promised him that they would be back in two or three years for him and they left him with Crocus but they still haven’t returned and Crocus thinks that they found the grand line too dangerous and ran back and are probably never coming back and he tried to tell that to Laboon but he just won’t listen and keeps banging his head at the red line.

Crocus also says that Laboon’s biggest fear is losing his reason to wait.

Luffy had heard enough when he broke the mast of the Going Merry and flung it at Laboon’s eye and they had a fight when suddenly Luffy called for a halt and said that he’s pretty strong so that when they explore the grand line, they will come back here and finish their fight to finally determine which of this stronger then he paints the Strawhats’ mark on Laboons forehead though it is floppy and he says that this will be their promise and to not bang his head at the red line and rub it off till he comes.

Crocus and Laboon are really grateful when Luffy finally gets back on his ship, he sees that the two people they had saved and captured have escaped leaving behind a weird wrist band compass thing which turned out to be called a log pose and it is essential for the grand line since normal compasses don’t work here and Crocus is also surprised by the little knowledge that the straw hats know then the said log pose accidentally breaks so Crocus offers his old log pose which he doesn’t use anymore and Sanji also cooks the rare fish that he won but Luffy eats it all before they even have a chance to see it properly.

The two escapees come back after they realize that they had left behind their log pose and they beg the straw hats to take them back to their island which is called Whiskeypeak but when they ask their names, the man calls himself Mr. 9 while the woman calls herself miss Wednesday and though they are obviously codenames, they say that they cannot say any more since their islands whole thing is secrecy but Zoro thinks he has heard of these codenamed somewhere.

Luffy agrees to take them since after crossing the red line, they have to choose one of the many ways to follow so together they go towards whiskey peak leaving Laboon and Crocus behind.

As they sail towards there, the first sea that they enter is bizarre and the weather changes every second and even if Nami keeps her eyes off the log pose one second, the direction changes so all of them including Mr, 9 and miss Wednesday are scrambling here and there except Zoro who was sleeping the whole time which is shocking and when the weather turns back sunny, he wakes up to find the rest of the ship’s occupants on the floor panting and he comments that even if it is a sunny day, they should not lay around lazily to the anger of the rest of them.




As they get close enough to see the said Whiskey peak, miss Wednesday and Mr 9 leave and swim the rest of the way which was weird but as they get closer to land on the island, they see a lot of people gathered at the shore and unexpectedly celebrating the arrival of pirates.

They bring the straw hats onshore and arrange a grand party to hear their various tales and they also have things that had engaged all the straw hats so that when it was night, they all had fallen asleep from exhaustion.

That’s when the island showed its true form, and it turns out that whiskey peak is an island of bounty hunters and their plan was to get the straw hats to exhaust themselves to sleep since Luffy’s bounty is too high for them to handle.

The bounty hunters who had come out, get surprised by someone sitting on the outside roof and it turns out to be Roronoa Zoro.

Zoro had actually gotten an invitation to join their organisation. The baroque works, years ago but he said that the only condition he will join is if they make him leader but they denied and it was the end of that matter but that is the reason why he had recognised the codenames and to him, an island filled with people who admire pirates are too suspicious so he pretended to fall asleep to see what would happen.

Zoro had a fight with all the bounty hunters (The Millions) and for him, it was a great chance to test out his new cursed swords which seemed to be doing the job just fine since he was able to defeat them with ease but there were some annoying ones and eventually Mr 9 and miss Wednesday also joined the fight to help them defeat him which was going terribly wrong.

Zoro’s skill led them to believe that the marines had made a mistake in the wanted poster and that he was the one who was worth thirty billion since he is also able to defeat the strongest in brute strength who so happens to be missed Monday by his hand.

Meanwhile, Nami was also pretending to be asleep but instead of helping; she kept looking through the island for possible treasure that she could steal.

Mr 9 locks one of Zoro’s hands in place and miss Wednesday brings the still sleeping Luffy to hold him hostage but Zoro uses Mr 9 as a shield from Mr 8’s attack who was miss Monday’s partner then Zoor beats Mr 8 too.

Soon after Mr 5 and his partner, Miss Valentine arrive, they are not here to help with the Zoro situation and instead, they reveal that the boss of the organization ‘Mr. 0’ had discovered a spy amongst their ranks and they are here to eliminate them.

The spies are Mr 8 (Igaram) who is this island’s current strongest and Miss Wednesday (Princess Nefetari Vivi from the Arabasta kingdom).

Igaram, Mr 9 and Miss Monday try to hold off the higher agents since Vivi was their friend despite her being a spy and Igram says it to be essential for her to reach back to Arabasta again at all costs.

They are defeated easily and Nami so happens to see it so she makes a deal with Igaram that they would be willing to protect and accompany Vivi to Arabasta at the price of a billion berries to which he hastily agrees but says that it isn’t confirmed.

Nami tells Zoro to protect Vivi because he was under her depth since he borrowed some of her money and even though he had returned all of it, she had said that to pay her back he would need triple the amount.

Zoro goes and saves Vivi and her super spot-billed duck Karoo but then Luffy unexpectedly returns and Zoro thinks that he is here to help him but instead Luffy fights Zoro.

Luffy had woken up to find dead bodies covering the island and one of them had said that Zoro had done this so Luffy got angry, under the impression that Zoro killed them even though they arranged a party for their arrival.

Mr.5 and Miss Valentine were just about to ignore the two straw hats fighting and go after Vivi but they get caught in Zoro and Luffy’s crossfire and they get defeated.

Nami then comes and hits them both in the head and they explain to Luffy what happened.

Then they all sit down and hear Vivi out.

Vivi is a princess from the Arabasta kingdom in the grand line but it is falling apart thanks to Mr. 0 and she and Igaram who had taken care of her since she was a child, had infiltrated the organization Baroque works two years ago to figure out the identity of the boss which they did.

At first, Vivi denied telling them the identity since she said they would also be caught in the crossfire but the name had escaped her mouth and it turns out to be the Shibukai (one of the seven warlords of the sea) Crocodile.

Nami was really scared but at the moment the messengers of the baroque works had picked up everything and even drew pictures of the three Strawhats faces to deliver to their boss and now the Strawhats had no choice but to do something and Luffy was completely okay with that.

They wake up the rest of the sleeping Strawhats and tell them the situation.

Igaram says that he will pretend to be Vivi (which fails miserably) and go to Arabasta first so that the Strawhats don’t have anyone following them but as Igaram goes to see, his ship bursts into flames.

The straw hats hurry the horrified Vivi and her pet Karoo aboard the going Merry and they set sail too but in the middle of their journey, a woman is seen sitting on the ship.

Vivi introduces her as Miss All Sunday, she is Mr. 0’s partner and also the one they had followed to find out his identity but the woman quickly corrects her and says that she let them follow her.

Miss All Sunday then hands them a log pose and says that this would be a better route to follow if they want to get back to Arabasta in time and it is also an island that the baroque works wouldn’t know about so they would be safe but Luffy smashes her given Log pose in front of her eyes then Miss all Sunday leaves with nothing more than a smile and a suite yourself.





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