East Blue – The Beginning of a New Era

One Piece

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The East Blue begins with Monkey D. Luffy, who became a rubber man after eating the gomu gomu fruit (rubber rubber fruit and it is one of the devil fruits which are really hard to find and in east blue, it is just a myth) in a barrel, floating towards the Alvida pirates ship where he gets out and meets Coby who is a boy who wants to become a marine to capture evil pirates like Alvida but is stuck in Alvida’s ship, but then Luffy lets him come with him, and he beats Alvida, and they go back to the sea.

They stop at shells town, and there is a rumour that the infamous bounty hunter Roronoa Zoro is captured at the base of the marine and Coby is really scared to even at his name, but Luffy being Luffy wants to get him for his crew since his dream is to become the pirate king and he has to have a fantastic crew for that.

They meet a little girl who wants to give Zoro some food, so they take her with them, and Luffy uses his devil fruit powers to climb over the wall to the marine grounds where they find Zoro tied there and he had nothing to eat for months.

Zoro declines Luffy’s invitation to join his crew, and they have to leave the Marines grounds since Helmeppo, who is the son of the Navy captain of the island, finds them.

It turns out that he is excellent, and he got the punishment to stay there tied with nothing to eat for a month because he tried to cut this island’s navy captain’s son Helmeppo who was abusing his power. He saved the little girl’s mother’s bar. That’s why she wanted to help, but Helmeppo never meant to keep his promise to let Zoro go at the end of the month and instead was planning to kill him.

After hearing the story, Luffy and Coby go back, and Luffy annoys Zoro into accepting the position as his first mate. Then Luffy goes to get Zoro’s swords while Coby unties him.

The Navy captain was called axe hand Morgan, and he was a corrupt officer, and everyone on this island was scared of him, but the rest of the marines working under his command couldn’t do anything.

Luffy finds Zoro’s swords ( he’s a three sword swordsman), and when Luffy gets back down, he and Zoro beat Axe hand, Morgan.

None of the marines gets remotely sad, and instead, they start to cheer, and even the rest of the island is happy.

After a while, the marines suddenly ask them to leave since they had found out that they are pirates, but they said that they wouldn’t pursue them. Luffy asks them to let Coby stay here and let him pursue his dream of one day becoming a marine, and they agree. 

Becoming a marine one day and till, they say that there would be no shortcuts, so after that, Luffy leaves with his very first crewmate on a fisherman’s boat that a person had given them and as they set out the marines on the island and Coby salute to the beginning of the new pirate crew and on the journey Zoro’s dream is added with Luffy’s too since he wants to become the world’s best swordsman.

The next island they go to is organ island, and they land on the orange town, which was built forty-two years ago. However, most of its occupants have fled to other areas since a pirate by the ae of Buggy the clown has taken over the island and Luffy fell upon the buggy pirates after they shoot down a bird that Luffy was actually hanging from since it had taken his beloved Straw Hat.

On the island, he also meets Nami, who is a navigator, and Luffy also asks her to join his crew but Nami declined to say that she hates pirates, but she also has been seen sneaking around previous islands since she is a cat burglar and the buggy pirates are looking for her since she had stolen a map of an island from the grand line (Grand line is the biggest and most dangerous sea in the world and it is also known as the ships graveyard and very few people dare to go there but it is necessary nonetheless if you want to move forward).

Nami wanted to steal Buggy’s treasure, and for that, she acted as if she had captured Liffy and handed him to Buggy so she could get closer to them.

Luffy ends up stuck in a cage by the buggy pirates, and Zoro had to come to his aid.

The buggy pirates are surprised to find the said bounty hunter helping the pirate, but they recover.

Zoro tries to cut baggy, but it’s impossible since he has also eaten a devil fruit called Bara bara fruit no Mi ( the chop chop fruit allows its user to split into multiple pieces, which the user can control at will and is immune to sword attacks). Hence, Zoro instead takes Luffy’s cage and goes.

Zoro is injured, so the town mayor Boodle allows him to rest while Luffy, who was still in the cage, meets a dog named Chouchou, guarding the pet shop that belongs to his dead owner since this is his treasure.

Buggy had sent his men after them, and the beast tamer Mohji finds Luffy and burns down the pet store, which makes Luffy really angry; and after coming out of his cage, he and Zoro beat Buggy and his crew with a bit of help from Nami which also frees the town, and the town people come back.

They blast the buggy off, and the rest of his crew is driven off by the citizens that came back.

Nami also agrees to tag along with them for a while, and she steals the buggy pirate’s treasure since that is all she cares about.

They leave with a bigger boat, and Luffy “mistakenly” leaves one of Nami’s bags of treasure behind, which is worth five hundred thousand, so that they could rebuild their town since Buggy had destroyed various buildings with his buggy cannon. They leave once again as heroes accidentally.




Luffy, Zoro and Nami next arrive on a village called syrup village in the gecko island where they meet Usopp who was named “The Liar” by his village since he used to come every morning running around and saying that pirates are coming and he pretends to be a pirate with one thousand members to scare them away and protect his village, but the straw hats ultimately see through his lies and laugh along.

Luffy recognizes Usopp as the son of one of the member pirate groups he became friends with when he was seven, and that member was Yassop, who was the sniper. He loved to talk about his son so much that it annoyed Luffy to death, but he recognised Usopp because they looked similar.

They all go to eat in a restaurant where Luffy tells Usopp all he knows about Usopp, and he also asks if there is anyone on the island with a big boat since if Luffy wants to go to the grand line, he will have to have a big boat that can survive the most dangerous of the seas.

Usopp says that there is one person who would have a big boat, then he exits, leaving Luffy, Zoro and Nami alone again.

Usopp’s made up pirate group members arrive who are actually three kids with the name Tamanegi, Ninjin and Piiman who all look up to Usopp and his sniper skills, they demand to see where Usopp is. They see Luffy and they think that the pirates had eaten him, but then they get everything explained, and the kids take the three pirates to go to possibly the only mansion in the village.

They see Usopp telling stories to a young girl through a window, but the stories were incredibly exaggerated and could only be lies and they learn that the girl’s name is Kaya and she is now the owner of the mansion but she has been sick ever since her father passed away so Usopp often comes here to tell her stories and try to cheer her up.

The three of them and the kids go to meet Kaya which surprises both her and Usopp. Then Luffy asks her if she has a boat that they could possibly buy, but they don’t get the answer since one of her butler with the name of Klahadore arrives and he is angry by the arrival of Usopp who he doesn’t like and the others then he says some mean stuff about Usopp’s father which really triggers Usopp since he is proud of his father being a pirate so Usopp picks a fight with him and it also really angers Luffy since he knows that all the mean stuff he said was nothing like Usopp but Luffy holds back his anger since it isn’t his fight but then they are forced to leave the property.

Usopp is still upset about the whole thing and he goes off alone so Luffy follows him.

Usopp had gone to sit on a cliff and Luffy sat next to him to try to cheer him up but from up there they spotted the Butler Klahadore meeting a strange man under the cliff.

They overhear their conversation and it turns out that Klahadore was a pirate and his real name is Kuro, he has actually been here for years so that today he could kill the mistress Kaya but only after he has her sign a will, giving him all her properties and the guy he was with used to be in his crew and they are planning to overtake the village at exactly midnight.

Usopp immediately goes to the village to warn them but because of his daily lies, no one believes him and they even get mad at him for accusing someone but Usopp is fast so he gets out of there and goes back to Kaya to warn her at least.

Even Kaya doesn’t believe him and when he tries to get her out of there she even gets scared so the rest of the castle workers drive him out including the other butler Merry even though he is a great sniper with his slingshot he couldn’t do much.

He arrives back to Luffy who is standing with his Nakama (Friend/Companion) and he expects them to laugh at him but they don’t and say that they will even help and even Usopp’s made up pirate group wants to help but they are too young so they have to sit tight for now.

Luffy, Nami, Zoro and Usopp go to wait at a route so that they can stop them before they enter with the help of traps and rigging the way but it turns out that they were on the wrong one so Usopp quickly runs over to the right one with Luffy in front of him.

Usopp is somehow the first to arrive and he tries to stop the pirates with his skills and tricks which he does a good job of until he eventually gets overwhelmed and he wasn’t even getting help from Nami who had also arrived since she was too busy trying to steal their treasure.

After a while, Liffy and Zoro arrive who were both out of breath and it turns out that on his way, Luffy got lost and Zoro had slipped and got caught by the traps that they had placed to stop the other pirates but accidentally put them on the wrong way.

Having Luffy and Zoro in the fight was a huge advantage and they almost beat everyone but suddenly Kuro arrives to check what kept his crew from coming on time since he was waiting the whole time and he was not happy to see that they were stopped by some kids.

Suddenly Kaya arrives even though she is sick, she had found put the true intentions of Klahadore by her other butler Merry who got attacked by him and Kaya wants him to leave everyone alone since he wanted to her property and he can have it though Kuro wants to live a peaceful life and not have marines coming after his head every time so he has to kill her Luffy angered by him punches Kuro and instead Kuro sends one of his lackeys after Kaya so that he can get the will and kill her meanwhile he would deal with Luffy.

Usopp’s group takes Kaya and they run with her and Luffy also sends Zoro and Usopp after them just in case something happens.

Luffy was actually angered by Kuro not understanding what pirates are and shaming them with the declaration that he was tired of marines chasing him since a lot of pirates are out to sea to achieve their dreams just like him.

Luffy eventually defeats Kuro and Zoro and Usopp work together to defeat the person after Kaya so the rest of the pirates flee with their captains and the rest of their members.

After they are gone, Usopp decides to also set out to sea and become an actual pirate and Kaya and Merry who really appreciate all the help, gift them the going merry which is a small ship that was designed by none other than Merry himself and Usopp leaves with the Luffy and the rest after promising to Kaya that the next time he comes, he will tell her real stories of his adventures not lies and that they will even be crazier than all the stories he has told before and even Kaya promises that she will study hard to become a doctor since her she’s getting better and wants to help others too.

Then they set out to sea again with a new sniper on their crew.

At sea, Luffy decides that with a pirate ship, a flag is necessary and does a vain attempt to make one but fails so instead Usopp makes one which is a skull and crossbones wearing a Strawhat which marks the beginning of the newly formed Straw hat pirates that currently has five members including the Captain, a Swordsman, a Navigator and a Sniper but they still need more members like a cook since they only have limited good onboard which is dangerous because of how much Liffy eats.




The straw hats were out in the sea and Usopp found a cannon in their new ship going merry and he decided to try it out with Luffy who is bad at using a cannon but Usopp hits the target that they were aiming for.

Suddenly a bounty hunter by the name of Johnny sneaks on their ship to try to kill, but he fails but he seemed to recognise Zoro since they were friends and it turns out that when they were playing with the cannon they accidentally hit him and his partner Yosaku’s ship who is sick.

They help the sick Yosaku to get on board and Nami says that he will be fine and they end up helping him which cures him instantly, surprising Nami a lot.

Johnny and Yosaku are bounty hunters and they are Zoro’s friends and are more than happy to help his new crew.

They lead the four straw hats to Baratie which is a famous restaurant on a ship in the east blue so they go there also hoping to get a cook as a member.

On the way, they stumble upon a marine ship but the marine doesn’t recognise the flag and doesn’t care so he tells his subordinates to sink the ship instead.

Luffy is a rubber man so he inflates himself to rebound the cannonball but it goes wrong and hits a part of Baratie so Luffy flings himself there to see what he had done and it turns out that it was the owner’s room who was there at the moment.

Luffy keeps apologising but the owner who was named Zeff said that the only way to repay the damage is for him to work here for a year since they have been short-staffed for a while but Luffy tries to dissuade him and fails.

The rest of the Strawhats land on Baratie where they witness the marine officer they just encountered being beaten by the assistant head chef after the officer had smashed the table and split the food.

They find out that the chef’s name was Sanji and he was also working as a waiter since they were understaffed because they all keep running away since the Baratie’s chefs were all old pirates and misfits and they’re still violent when they get mad.

A few marines enter and they report to their ship captain that the prisoner they caught has escaped with the name of Gin.

All the marines scuffle hurriedly but after they leave the escaped pirate comes to their restaurant with a gun and demands to have food since, from the looks of it, he was starving.

One of the cooks asks if he has money and when he denies it, the cook becomes angry and ends up throwing Gin out of the backdoor where Luffy, who was curious, follows.

Sanji makes a plate of fried rice and follows Gin outside even though he has no money where Gin eats gratefully and when Gin asks why Sanji says that he will feed people if they are hungry no matter if they have money or not then Gin leaves, in debt to Sanji.

Luffy sees it all and takes a liking to Sanji and immediately offers the position of cook in his crew which Sanji declines but Luffy is a persistent and annoying guy and he doesn’t stop even with a refusal.

Sanji then admits that he has a dream which is to find the all blue which is a dream ocean to any cook since it has ingredients that many can’t even think of like fishes and many believe that it’s a myth though Sanji believes in it but can’t leave since he is indebted to his owner Zeff because he saved his life but Luffy doesn’t know that.

The next day Gin comes back and this time with his Captain Don Krieg, a really wanted criminal but starved and Gin begs that he will die if he has nothing to eat.

The workers and the customers refuse to give him everything since he is very dangerous and to have him in this state will help the marines capture him, but he begs for food, saying that he won’t attack this restaurant though none believed him.

Sanji comes with a platter of food in his hands and he gives it to the notorious pirate despite all the others telling him to back off.

Don Krieg gets his energy back and all the other customers flee except the straw hats who are just watching.

It turns out that they had tried to go to the grand line and all their massive fleets were CUT down in the first week for no reason by none other than Hawk-eye Mihawk who is the world’s best swordsman and the one who Zoro wants to beat.

All the members left from Don Krieg’s crew had scrambled back to east blue in their only ship left, which is also damaged and can’t go on much further, and all his members were also starved and on the verge of death.

Don Krieg recognises the owner Zeff as the famous Red leg Zeff from the Redleg pirates and says that this time they would be more prepared for the grand line by taking his old ship’s Logue.

Don Krieg then goes back against his word and decides that he will also take the Baratie ship for his own after giving him a sack full of food for his remaining crew, which surprises Gin since he really didn’t want to attack Sanji after his kindness towards them.

All the chefs get mad at Sanji and blame him but the owner Zeff comes and says that one who was starved wouldn’t want anyone else to feel the same then he himself gives a sack full of food enough for a hundred people which shocked everyone.

When the two pirates leave, Zeff tells the chefs to get ready for a battle since they aren’t going to give their restaurant this easily and the Strawhats agree to help.

Outside they find out that their ship is missing and the two bounty hunters Johnny and Yosakku inform the Strawhats that nami took the ship and treasure then ran which they aren’t too concerned about since they would follow her because Luffy would not let his Nakama ( Friend/Comrade) go that easily then they see Don Krieg’s crew.

They slowly get their energy one by one but then suddenly their only ship is sliced in half and from a distance, they see a little floating platform with Hawk-eye Mihawk riding alone.

He had followed the pirates all the way to east blue since he was bored then suddenly Zoro gets on one of the broken pieces of the ship and he challenges Migawk to a fight to become the world’s best.

Mihawk accepts and instead of taking out his sword from his back, he takes out a knife smaller than a dagger and he apologises for not having a smaller blade which only angers Zoro more.

They fight and Zoro is just able to keep up then he loses and he faces Mihawk head-on for the finishing attack and says that a wound to the back is a swordsman’s shame.

Mihawk who was really impressed by Zoro asks him his name then he takes out his real sword from the back and slices Zoro.

Luffy gets angry but Mihawk informs him that Zoro is still alive since killing him would be a waste then Migawk says to come and face him again when he is stronger than Zoro then leaves.

Luffy sends the two bounty hunter pairs and Usopp to take Zoro and go after Nami while he takes care of Don Krieg and comes after he gets Sanji to which Sanji retorts but Luffy ignores him.

Luffy and Don Krieg fight and Sanji fight Gin who is a bit hesitant, Don Krieg uses a lot of cheating methods like armour, guns, a spike Cape and poison gas but Luffy shoves through them all and defeats him so Gin takes them all and leaves in a tiny ship with the hopes that they would meet again someday.

Luffy stays at the rite for the party where Zeff convinces Sanji to leave and pursue his dream so Sanji decides to go with Luffy but as he is leaving he bows down and thanks Zeff for taking care of him and it becomes emotional.

Luffy and Sanji then leave to follow the others on Sanji’s storage ship and the Strawhats yet again get another member which makes it a crew of five.





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